36-6A-40.1. Hygienist preventative and therapeutic services--Collaborative supervision--Requirements.

A dental hygienist may provide preventive and therapeutic services under the collaborative supervision of a dentist if the dental hygienist has met the following requirements:

(1)    Possesses a license to practice in the state;

(2)    Has a collaborative agreement with a dentist; and

(3)    Has satisfactorily demonstrated knowledge of:

(a)    Medical and dental emergencies and their management;

(b)    Infection control;

(c)    Pharmacology;

(d)    Disease transmission;

(e)    Management of early childhood caries; and

(f)    Management of special needs populations.

Source: SL 2011, ch 178, § 1; SL 2015, ch 199, § 44; SL 2024, ch 154, § 1.