36-6A-40.2. Hygienist preventative and therapeutic services--Evidence of requirements--Fee--Promulgation of rules.

A dental hygienist seeking to provide preventive and therapeutic services under collaborative supervision shall submit evidence, as prescribed by the board, of meeting the requirements of § 36-6A-40.1 and shall pay a fee set by the board.

The board shall, by rules promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26, establish the:

(1)    Required fee, not to exceed thirty dollars;

(2)    Minimum requirements for a collaborative agreement;

(3)    Preventive and therapeutic services that may be performed;

(4)    Location or facilities where services may be performed; and

(5)    Evidence required to demonstrate the knowledge required pursuant to § 36-6A-40.1.

Source: SL 2011, ch 178, § 2; SL 2024, ch 154, § 2.