01    Restoration Of Professional And Occupational Licenses After Military Service

01A    Review Of Applications For Regulation [Repealed]

01B    Expedited License Procedure For Military Personnel And Spouses

01C    Uniform Complaint And Declaratory Ruling Procedures

01D    Licensure By Endorsement

02    Practitioners Of Healing Arts In General

02A    Health Professionals Assistance Program

03    Basic Science Certificates [Repealed]

04    Physicians And Surgeons

04A    Physician Assistants

04B    Advanced Life Support Personnel

04C    Respiratory Care Practitioners

05    Chiropractors

06    Dentists And Dental Hygienists [Transferred]

06A    Dentists, Dental Hygienists And Dental Auxiliaries

07    Optometrists

08    Podiatrists

09    Registered And Practical Nurses

09A    Certified Nurse Practitioners And Certified Nurse Midwives

09B    Medical Assistants [Repealed]

09C    Certified Professional Midwives

10    Physical Therapists

10A    Massage And Massage Establishments [Repealed]

10B    Dietetics And Nutrition

11    Pharmacies And Pharmacists

11A    Wholesale Drug Distributors

12    Veterinarians

13    Abstracters Of Title

14    Barbers And Barbershops

15    Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, And Salons

16    Electricians And Electrical Contractors

17    Employment Agencies [Repealed And Transferred]

18    Engineers, Architects And Land Surveyors [Repealed]

18A    Technical Professions

19    Funeral Directors And Establishments

20    Public Accountants [Repealed]

20A    Public Accountants [Repealed]

20B    Public Accountants

21    Real Estate Brokers And Salesmen [Repealed]

21A    Real Estate Licensing

21B    Real Estate Appraisers

21C    Home Inspectors

21D    Appraisal Management Companies

22    Registered Sanitarians [Repealed]

22A    Water Supply And Treatment System Operators [Repealed And Transferred]

23    Sanitary Licensees [Transferred]

24    Hearing Aid Dispensers And Audiologists

25    Plumbers

26    Social Workers

27    Psychologists [Repealed]

27A    Psychologists

28    Nursing Facility Administrators

29    Athletic Trainers

30    Polygraph Examiners

31    Occupational Therapists

31A    Interstate Compact On Occupational Therapy Licensure

32    Professional Counselors

33    Marriage And Family Therapists

34    Addiction And Prevention Professionals

35    Massage Therapists

36    Genetic Counselors

37    Speech-Language Pathologists

38    Behavior Analysts