38-35-3.1. Application for a research license.

Any person seeking to plant, store, propagate, or produce industrial hemp for the purpose of research shall apply to the secretary for a research license on an application form prescribed by the department and submit a nonrefundable annual application fee. The secretary shall deposit fees collected under this chapter in the hemp regulatory program fund pursuant to § 38-35-6. Research licensees may be exempt from lot size minimums pursuant to § 38-35-3. Applicants for a research license must be affiliated with an accredited university. Applicants for a research license must submit a summary to the department that outlines the applicant's objectives and a timeline of activities.

All industrial hemp produced or processed under a research license must be:

(1)    Grown, used, or processed for research purposes only; and

(2)    Properly disposed of in a manner to render irretrievable and unable to enter the stream of commerce, except for industrial hemp seed.

Source: SL 2022, ch 155, § 4, eff. Mar. 18, 2022.