38-35-4. Application for processor license--Fee--Location notice.

After the department receives approval by the United States Secretary of Agriculture for the state plan submitted pursuant to § 38-35-15, any person seeking to purchase, receive, or obtain industrial hemp, other than industrial hemp product, for processing shall apply to the secretary for a processor license on an application form prescribed by the department and submit a nonrefundable annual application fee. The applicant may submit an application form for a processor license at any time. The secretary shall deposit fees collected under this chapter in the hemp regulatory program fund.

The applicant shall provide to the department the street address, legal description, and latitude and longitude coordinates for any location where hemp will be processed under the processor's license and certify that any location where hemp is to be processed is under the control of the applicant. A processor licensee shall provide notice of any change in ownership or location to the department within ten days of a change. Failure to amend change of ownership or location automatically invalidates the license, and a new license must be obtained.

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