38-35-1    Definitions.

38-35-2    Purchasing, receiving, or obtaining industrial hemp--License required--Violation as misdemeanor.

38-35-3    Application for grower license--Location and size requirements.

38-35-3.1    Application for a research license.

38-35-4    Application for processor license--Fee--Location notice.

38-35-5    Criminal background check--Denial of license for conviction--Licensure exemption.

38-35-6    Hemp regulatory program fund--Purpose--Expenditures.

38-35-7    License issuance--Denial, revocation, or suspension--Contested case.

38-35-8    Planting verification--Documentation to be filed--Contents.

38-35-9    Entrance by department--Consent--Fee--Inspection, confiscation, and disposal--Costs--Liability for destruction--Records.

38-35-10    Inspection timing and procedure--Disclose information.

38-35-11    Promulgation of rules--Fees.

38-35-12    Department of Health--Promulgation of rules.

38-35-13    Repealed.

38-35-14    Testing samples--Exceeding concentration--Destruction or remediation of lot.

38-35-15    State hemp production plan--Submission to United States Department of Agriculture--Establishment of program.

38-35-16    Transportation--Consent to search and seizure--Inspection by law enforcement--Penalty.

38-35-17    Transportation by persons other than grower licensee--Required documentation--Violation as misdemeanor.

38-35-17.1    Grower licensee transportation documentation requirements--Violation as misdemeanor.

38-35-18    Rules of United States Department of Agriculture.

38-35-19    Reporting to attorney general.

38-35-20    Coordination with other government entities.

38-35-21    Industrial hemp for smoking prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

38-35-22    Industrial hemp used in wildlife food plots.

38-35-23    Prohibition on industrial hemp and marijuana being commingled.