38-7-1. Policy of state--Purposes of chapters 38-7 and 38-8.

It is declared to be the policy of this state, and within the scope of this chapter and chapter 38-8, to:

(1)    Provide for conservation of the natural resources of this state;

(2)    Provide for the control and prevention of soil erosion;

(3)    Provide for the prevention of floodwater and sediment damages; and

(4)    Provide for furthering the conservation, development, utilization, and disposal of water to:

(a)    Preserve natural resources;

(b)    Control floods;

(c)    Prevent the impairment of dams and reservoirs;

(d)    Assist in maintaining the navigability of rivers and harbors;

(e)    Preserve wildlife habitat;

(f)    Promote soil health principles and practices;

(g)    Protect the tax base;

(h)    Protect public lands; and

(i)    Protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people of this state.

Source: SL 1937, ch 19, § 2; SDC 1939, § 4.1501; SL 1957, ch 4, § 1; SL 2024, ch 166, § 3.