38-7-1    Policy of state--Purposes of chapters 38-7 and 38-8.

38-7-2    Definitions.

38-7-2.1    Division of Resource Conservation and Forestry created.

38-7-2.2    Repealed.

38-7-2.3    Conservation districts--Department oversight.

38-7-3    State Conservation Commission established--Purposes.

38-7-3.1    Commission administered by department--Functions retained by commission.

38-7-4    Composition of commission--Appointment and terms of members--Vacancies.

38-7-5    Conservation district supervisor member areas.

38-7-6    Nonvoting members of commission--Tenure of office.

38-7-7    Accommodations, supplies, and equipment for commission.

38-7-8    Record of commission actions--Seal--Powers.

38-7-9    Quorum of commission.

38-7-10    Chairman of commission--Delegation of powers and duties.

38-7-11    38-7-11. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2

38-7-12    Employment of personnel by division--Legal services.

38-7-13    Record of proceedings kept by division.

38-7-14    Detail of personnel to division by other state agencies.

38-7-15    Assistance in carrying out of district programs.

38-7-16    Interchange of information between districts and division.

38-7-17    Coordination of district programs.

38-7-18    Assistance provided to districts by federal and state agencies.

38-7-19    Dissemination of information--Encouraging formation of districts.

38-7-20    Authority to represent districts--Develop conservation policy--Cooperate with public and private agencies.

38-7-21    Recommendations on programs of local, state, and federal agencies and subdivisions.

38-7-22    Provision of funds and assistance to districts.

38-7-23    Accounting and financial reporting procedures by districts.

38-7-24    Request to Legislature for appropriations.

38-7-25    Coordinated natural resources conservation fund created--Purposes.

38-7-26    Source of money in coordinated natural resources conservation fund.

38-7-27    Coordinated natural resources conservation program established--Promulgation of rules.

38-7-28    Administration of coordinated natural resources conservation program.

38-7-29    Soil conservation award program established.

38-7-30    Natural resources conservation award--Sign--Promulgation of rules.