38-8-1    Filing of petition for organization of district--Number of signers--Contents--Consolidation of petitions.

38-8-2    Notice and hearing on petition for organization of district--Questions considered--Right to be heard--Hearing on inclusion of additional territory.

38-8-3    Factors considered in hearing on petition for organization of district.

38-8-4    Determination of need for district--Establishment of boundaries.

38-8-5    Determination of no need and denial of petition--Time for filing new petitions.

38-8-6    Consideration of administrative practicability and feasibility of district.

38-8-7    Referendum on creation of district--Form of ballot--Right to vote.

38-8-8    Timing of referendum on creation of district.

38-8-9    Conduct of election on creation of district--Certification of results.

38-8-10    Notices and conduct of hearings and referenda--Procedural regulations--Referendum not invalidated by informalities.

38-8-11    Vote required to authorize creation of district--Extent of participation in voting required.

38-8-12    Publication of referendum results--Determination and recording of administrative practicability and feasibility.

38-8-13    Factors considered in determining administrative practicability and feasibility.

38-8-14    Time for filing new petitions after denial of district.

38-8-15    Election of initial supervisors--District as governmental subdivision.

38-8-16    Application filed with secretary of state by elected supervisors--Contents--Accompanying statement by commission.

38-8-17    Filing and recording of application and statement--Issuance of certificate of organization.

38-8-18    Certificate of organization as proof of establishment of district.

38-8-19    Petition for inclusion of additional territory--Procedure.

38-8-20    Inclusion of additional territory by amendment of charter--Notice and hearing.

38-8-21    Resolution to include additional territory--Effective date.

38-8-22    Petition for combination or division of districts--Number of signers--Form.

38-8-22.1    Governing board resolution for combination or division of districts--Vote at general election.

38-8-23    Commission hearing on combination or division of districts.

38-8-24    Determination of administrative practicability and feasibility of combining districts.

38-8-24.1    Petition for referendum on organization of district--Commission action on petition.

38-8-25    Appointment of supervisors for reorganized district.

38-8-26    Certificates of organization for new districts--Certificate of dissolution--Assets and liabilities revert to new district.

38-8-27    38-8-27 to 38-8-29. Repealed by SL 1968, ch 1, § 13.

38-8-30    Petition for boundary adjustment between adjoining districts.

38-8-31    Notice and hearing on boundary adjustment between districts.

38-8-32    Determination of administrative practicability and feasibility of boundary adjustments--Factors considered--Notice to districts.

38-8-33    Application to secretary of state for certificate evidencing boundary changes--Accompanying statement by state commission--Issuance of certificate.

38-8-34    Petition for change of name of district--Action by state commission--Issuance by secretary of state.

38-8-35    38-8-35 to 38-8-37. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 316, §§ 18 to 20.

38-8-38    38-8-38. Repealed by SL 1968, ch 1, § 6.

38-8-39    Composition of district governing board--Number and qualifications of supervisors--Notice of available district offices--Nominating petitions--Election procedure.

38-8-39.1    38-8-39.1. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 316, § 22.

38-8-40    38-8-40. Repealed by SL 1968, ch 1, § 9.

38-8-41    38-8-41. Repealed by omission from SL 1968, ch 1, § 7.

38-8-42    Terms of office of district supervisors.

38-8-43    Removal of supervisor from office.

38-8-44    Filling of vacancies in district board.

38-8-45    Chairman and officers of district board--Quorum--Majority required for actions.

38-8-45.1    Meetings and hearings of district supervisors open to public.

38-8-46    Compensation and expenses of supervisors.

38-8-47    Employment of personnel by supervisors--Legal services--Delegation of powers.

38-8-48    Surety bonds required by district supervisors--Record of proceedings--Financial reports.

38-8-49    District as governmental subdivision and public body--General corporate powers.

38-8-49.1    Budget estimates of operating and maintenance costs submitted to counties--Determination and apportionment of costs--Funds derived from general county fund.

38-8-50    Comprehensive district plans for conservation of resources--Programs and practices included.

38-8-51    Advice and consultation with political subdivision governing bodies.

38-8-51.1    Cooperation with political subdivisions in implementing area-wide waste treatment.

38-8-52    Cooperation between districts.

38-8-53    Conservation district special revenue fund established--Purpose--Continuous appropriation--Promulgation of rules.

38-8-53.1    Conservation district special revenue fund available for loans to watershed districts.

38-8-54    District power to receive loans from special revenue fund.

38-8-54.1    Borrowing funds and pledging credit of district authorized.

38-8-55    County contributions to districts--Financial statement filed with county commissioners.

38-8-56    Notice and hearing on county contributions to districts.

38-8-57    Annual report filed with county contributing to district--Publication of report.

38-8-58    Acquisition, administration, improvement, and disposition of property by district.

38-8-59    Exemption from general laws applicable to public property.

38-8-60    Construction, operation and maintenance of structures by district.

38-8-61    District conservation measures on public and private land.

38-8-62    Administration and management of projects--Acceptance of contributions.

38-8-63    Cooperation with and aid to other public agencies or land occupiers in conservation measures.

38-8-64    Assistance to land owners.

38-8-65    Contributions and land-use agreements required as conditions to assistance provided by district.

38-8-66    38-8-66 to 38-8-89. Repealed by SL 1976, ch 242, § 21.

38-8-90    Petition for dissolution of district--Number of signers--Public meetings and hearings.

38-8-90.1    Governing board resolution for dissolution of district--Vote at general election.

38-8-91    Frequency of petitions for dissolution of district.

38-8-92    Referendum on petition for dissolution of district--Form of ballot--Right to vote.

38-8-93    Timing of referendum on dissolution of district.

38-8-94    Conduct of election on dissolution of district--Certification of results.

38-8-95    Referendum on dissolution of district valid despite informalities.

38-8-96    Determination of administrative practicability and feasibility of continued operation of district--Majority vote requiring discontinuance.

38-8-97    Termination of district affairs on determination by state commission--Disposition of district property.

38-8-98    Application to secretary of state for certificate of dissolution--Recitals in application--Issuance of certificate.

38-8-99    Ordinances and regulations terminated on dissolution of district--Division substituted as party to contracts--Liens and pending actions.