38-8A-23. Blowing soil--Investigation and order for prevention by conservation district board.

If the board of supervisors of any district is advised, in a written or electronic form, that soil is blowing from any land, or if any land in the county, roads, or public property, is being damaged, as the result of blowing soil, the board must inspect the land. If the board finds soil is blowing from the land, in excess of local conservation district standards, to the point that it is injurious to other land, roads, or public property, the board must determine what can be done to prevent or lessen the blowing of soil from the land. If the board finds, after consulting with the commission, if appropriate, that the blowing can be prevented or lessened by treatment of the soil, the board must issue an order to the owner of record, and to the operator, if known to the board, stating the treatment required, and the date the treatment is to be started and completed.

Source: SL 1984, ch 263, § 2; SL 2024, ch 167, § 3.