38-8A-6. District standards for erosion and sediment control--Local government consulted--Time--Fragile land designation.

The supervisors of each district in the state, in cooperation and consultation with counties, municipalities, and other affected units of local government shall, within twelve months after the adoption of the state guidelines, develop proposed district conservation standards. These standards may designate, as fragile land, any area of the district that:

(1)    Is Class IVe, VI, VII, or VIII, according to the United States Department of Agriculture classification system, as described in Title 430, National Soil Survey Handbook, Part 622 Interpretive Groups, Land Capability Classification, (June 2020); and

(2)    Is so erosive as to cause a public hazard when converted to cropland use.

Source: SL 1976, ch 242, § 5; SL 1984, ch 263, § 8; SL 2024, ch 167, § 2.