38-8A-1    Definition of terms.

38-8A-2    "Land-disturbing activity" defined.

38-8A-3    Commission guidelines for erosion and sediment control--Citizen participation.

38-8A-4    Content of guidelines.

38-8A-5    Information and standards used as basis of guidelines.

38-8A-6    District standards for erosion and sediment control--Local government consulted--Time--Fragile land designation.

38-8A-7    38-8A-7. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 226, § 3

38-8A-8    Hearing on proposed standards or revisions--Publication of notice.

38-8A-9    Transmittal of proposed standards to commission for review.

38-8A-10    Review of standards by commission--Recommendations as to changes.

38-8A-11    Adoption of conservation standards by districts--Cooperation with other local units.

38-8A-12    Governing board resolution or voter petition for revision of conservation standards.

38-8A-12.1    Filing of petition--Submission of standards to election unless supervisors approve revision.

38-8A-12.2    Election procedures.

38-8A-13    District standards to be met by activities on publicly owned lands.

38-8A-14    Enforcement of standards under contract with public agency.

38-8A-15    Issuance of permits by commission or districts prohibited.

38-8A-16    Permit-issuing authorities to require compliance with district conservation standards.

38-8A-17    Land-disturbing activity plans, applications, and reports not required if standards not violated--Plan required for conversion of fragile land.

38-8A-18    Violation of adopted standards by land-disturbing activities--Control plan required--District approval--Implementation of plan.

38-8A-18.1    Noncompliance--Penalties.

38-8A-19    Variances to allow additional time for compliance.

38-8A-20    Petition to allege violation of chapter--Investigation and action by petitioned agency.

38-8A-21    Injunctive or other relief to enforce chapter.

38-8A-22    Dust blowing and soil erosion--Owner or operator to prevent.

38-8A-23    Blowing soil--Investigation and order for prevention by conservation district board.

38-8A-24    Emergency orders--Issuance--Posting.

38-8A-25    Preventive treatment--Grounds for performance by conservation district board.

38-8A-26    Assessment against land treated by board--Promulgation of rules.

38-8A-27    Disposition of assessment collections--Collection fee prohibited.

38-8A-28    Cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies to prevent erosion.

38-8A-29    Annual report of violations.