4-4-1    Purpose of chapter.

4-4-2    State public funds defined.

4-4-3    Public funds maintained in state treasury--Local bank accounts as official accounts--Signatories--Statements required of agencies holding state funds in local bank.

4-4-3.1    Local drug buy accounts.

4-4-4    Governmental accounting systems to comport with generally accepted accounting principles.

4-4-4.1    Repealed by SL 2001, ch 23, § 2.

4-4-4.2    Repealed by SL 1986, ch 41.

4-4-4.3    Securities operating fund and insurance operating fund established--Permitted expenditures.

4-4-4.4    Transfer of excess funds at end of fiscal quarter.

4-4-4.5    Boiler inspection fund established--Permitted expenditures.

4-4-4.6    Transfer of excess funds at end of fiscal year.

4-4-5    Treasury accounts in lieu of funds--Modification to conform to uniform accounting system.

4-4-6    Annual financial statements.

4-4-7    Deposit of indirect cost reimbursements from the federal government--Exemption.

4-4-8    Transfer of funds received from federal government as indirect cost reimbursements to fund that incurred expenditures--Exemption.