4-5-1    State treasurer not to profit from use of funds--Felony--Civil liability.

4-5-2    Incidental funds established for state institutions--Initial warrant.

4-5-3    Purposes for which institution incidental funds may be used.

4-5-4    Accounting for disbursements and reimbursement of institution incidental funds.

4-5-4.1    Limitation of warrants on institutions' funds--Diversion of other funds prohibited--Proration of income.

4-5-4.2    Repealed by SL 1985, ch 33, § 35.

4-5-5    Investment of political subdivision funds--Funds subject to provisions.

4-5-6    Investment in securities of or guaranteed by United States, repurchase agreements, or shares of registered investment companies.

4-5-6.1    Investment of public funds not needed for current operating expenses--Conditions.

4-5-6.2    Investment in direct obligations of county, municipality, or school district or in bonds issued by state authority.

4-5-7    Superseded.

4-5-8    Investment policies for local funds determined by governing board.

4-5-9    Custody or deposit of investments--Exception--Credit of interest earned.

4-5-10    Application for redemption of securities.

4-5-11    Supplemental authority for investment of public funds.

4-5-12    State Investment Council continued.

4-5-12.1    Regulations and reports provided to state treasurer.

4-5-13    Appointment and terms of investment council members.

4-5-14    Council members--Qualifications--Restrictions.

4-5-14.1    Exceptions to § 4-5-14.

4-5-15    Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2.

4-5-16    Removal of council member from office--Filling of vacancies.

4-5-17    Election of chairman.

4-5-18    Division of investment continued--Immediate supervision.

4-5-18.1    Repealed by SL 1974, ch 38, § 4.

4-5-19    Appointment of state investment officer--Removal--Qualifications.

4-5-20    Investment officer to devote full time--Salary.

4-5-21    State employees' blanket bond coverage--Premium.

4-5-22    Annual budget for division--Appointment of employees.

4-5-23    Public funds to be invested by investment officer--Functions transferred--Agreements with risk-sharing entities.

4-5-24    Omitted.

4-5-25    Monthly reports to investment officer of state transactions.

4-5-26    Classes of investments approved.

4-5-27    Prudent-person standard required in investments.

4-5-28    Policy regulations and restrictions formulated by council.

4-5-29    Investment officer authorized to make transactions--Duty to protect state interests.

4-5-29.1    Health care trust fund--Investment officer to calculate amount eligible for distribution--Transfer to state general fund.

4-5-29.2    Education enhancement trust fund--Calculation of amount eligible for distribution--Transfer to general fund--Postsecondary scholarship grant programs.

4-5-29.3    Indemnity provision--Authorization.

4-5-30    Pooling of cash accounts--Certification by Appropriations Committee--Prorating of income--Transfer of money to investment council expense account.

4-5-30.1    4-5-30.1. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 37, § 1, eff. Mar. 13, 2015.

4-5-31    Physical custody of securities purchased--Deposit with fiscal agent.

4-5-32    Monthly report to investment council--Contents--Public inspection.

4-5-33    Meetings of investment council--Access to records--Inspection and review.

4-5-34    Proceedings to collect principal or interest on investments--Refunding of securities held.

4-5-35    Post-audit of investment transactions--Annual report of auditor-general.

4-5-36    Reports to Legislature by investment council.

4-5-37    Conflicts with other laws.

4-5-38    Severability of provisions.

4-5-39    Short title.

4-5-40    Agreement to purchase general obligation funding bonds--Certification and approval required--Bonds to bear interest, mature, etc.

4-5-41    School district eligibility--Determination and certification.

4-5-42    Prudent investment defined--Liability.

4-5-43    Obligation to purchase--Enforceability.

4-5-44    Cost of participation.

4-5-45    4-5-45, 4-5-46. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 39, §§ 3, 4.

4-5-47    Investment of trust fund containing proceeds from sale of state cement enterprises.

4-5-48    Definition of terms related to investments in companies liable under Iran Sanctions Act.

4-5-49    Identification of holdings in scrutinized companies.

4-5-50    List of scrutinized companies.

4-5-51    Updating scrutinized companies list.

4-5-52    Procedures with respect to companies on scrutinized companies list.

4-5-53    Divestiture of securities in companies with scrutinized business operations.

4-5-54    Acquisition of securities in companies with scrutinized business operations prohibited.

4-5-55    Exemption from divestiture requirements.

4-5-56    Inapplicability to certain investments.

4-5-57    Indirect holdings in actively managed investment funds.

4-5-58    Report to Legislative Research Council Executive Board.

4-5-59    Circumstances under which §§ 4-5-48 to 4-5-60, inclusive, become inoperative.

4-5-60    Construction with other state law.