4-8-1    Expenditures to be authorized by appropriations based on budget.

4-8-2    Payments and obligations to be authorized by law--Liability to state for unauthorized payments.

4-8-3    Expenses in excess of appropriations prohibited--Misdemeanor.

4-8-4    Statutory direction of act without providing funds--Funds appropriated for specific purpose not to be used for another purpose--Misdemeanor.

4-8-5    Repealed by SL 1980, ch 24, § 59.

4-8-6    Repealed by SL 1983, ch 29, § 1.

4-8-7    Anticipation of appropriations in extreme emergency.

4-8-8    Repealed by SL 1983, ch 29, §§ 2, 3.

4-8-10    Apportionment of interest from dedicated institutional funds.

4-8-11    Repealed by SL 1983, ch 29, § 5.

4-8-12    Disbursement of institutional funds.

4-8-13    Expenditure of anticipated institutional fund income.

4-8-14    Anticipation of revenue by borrowing from other funds.

4-8-14.1    Issuance of warrants on funds borrowed in anticipation of revenue.

4-8-15    Restoration of fund from which loan made--Treasurer's books to show status of funds.

4-8-16    Repealed by SL 1971, ch 5, § 7.

4-8-17    Acceptance and disbursement of federal funds.

4-8-17.1    Budget and appropriation required for expenditures by Department of Transportation and Aeronautics Commission.

4-8-18    Capitol communications systems internal service fund--Apportionment of expenses.

4-8-19    Reversion of unencumbered appropriations at end of year--Period of availability of encumbered amounts.

4-8-19.1    Carry forward of funds received through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act.

4-8-19.2    Expired on June 30, 2012.

4-8-20    Payment of claims contracted in one year from subsequent year's funds.

4-8-21    Reversion of unencumbered special appropriations after four years--Period of availability of encumbered amounts.

4-8-21.1    Lapse of bonding authorization after four years unless necessary to complete project contracted in writing--Exceptions.

4-8-22    Period of availability of maintenance and repair appropriations--Reversion--Availability of encumbered amounts.

4-8-23    4-8-23. Repealed by SL 2010, ch 28, § 1.

4-8-24    Unauthorized payment or obligation as misdemeanor--Revenue anticipation warrants and school fund distribution excepted.

4-8-25    Retention of appropriation balance to pay outstanding liabilities of terminated budget unit--Reversion to general fund after one year.

4-8-26    Appropriation of money deposited in treasury in trust or requiring refund.

4-8-27    Promulgation of rules for temporary draw of money between funds.

4-8-28    Submission of independent projections by Bureau of Finance and Management and Legislative Research Council--Proposals for eliminating shortfall.