40-18-1    Composition of board--Nomination and appointment of members.

40-18-1.1    Board attached to Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources for reporting--Function retained--Appointment of staff director.

40-18-1.2    Definitions.

40-18-2    Qualification of board members.

40-18-3    Terms of appointment to board--Vacancies.

40-18-4    40-18-4. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2

40-18-5    Quorum of board--Vote required for action.

40-18-6    Office of board.

40-18-7    President and vice president of board.

40-18-8    General duties of staff director--Call of meetings.

40-18-9    Employment of other persons by board--Compensation--Expenditures.

40-18-10    Designation of private or nonprofit corporation for provision of ownership inspection--Terms of contract.

40-18-10.1    Agreements with other states for livestock ownership inspection.

40-18-11    Bond required of custodian of board funds.

40-18-12    Seal of board.

40-18-13    Administration of marking and branding laws.

40-18-14    Employment of law enforcement officers--Enforcement of marking and branding laws--Hiring of additional inspectors.

40-18-15    Ownership inspection on transportation of livestock.

40-18-16    Promulgation of rules.

40-18-17    Board to provide for brand registration, livestock inspection, and enforcement of laws.

40-18-18    Annual report to Senate and House committees.

40-18-19    Arrest for violation of chapters 40-19 to 40-22 or 40-29--Promise to appear--Bond--Violation as misdemeanor.

40-18-20    Inspection outside livestock ownership inspection area.