40-20-26.2. Transfer of ownership--Authorized bill of sale--Limitations--Penalty.

Notwithstanding § 40-20-26.1, ownership of livestock with the seller's South Dakota recorded and healed brand or the owner's unbranded livestock may be transferred by means of an authorized bill of sale, without a brand inspection. The bill of sale must be on a form prescribed by the board. A copy of the bill of sale must be forwarded to the board.

An authorized bill of sale is not a substitute for the inspection of livestock being removed from the ownership inspection area of this state.

An authorized bill of sale may not be used to transfer ownership of more than five head of livestock to any one buyer. Multiple authorized bills of sale may not be executed to subdivide numbers of livestock greater than five to any one buyer.

A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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