41-15-1    Department to enforce game and fish laws.

41-15-2    Jurisdiction of courts and officers over boundary waters--Concurrent jurisdiction of adjoining states.

41-15-3    Law enforcement officers to enforce game and fish laws.

41-15-4    41-15-4, 41-15-5. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 254, §§ 1, 2

41-15-6    Inspection and counting of birds, animals, and fish to be permitted by person in possession--Stopping of motor vehicle or other conveyance for inspection.

41-15-7    Refusal to permit or interference with inspection as misdemeanor.

41-15-8    Repealed

41-15-9    41-15-9. Repealed by SL 1977, ch 190, § 604

41-15-10    Conservation officers authorized to execute process--Arrest without warrant--Assistance by peace officers--"Conservation officer" defined.

41-15-10.1    Law enforcement powers of conservation officers certified or appointed by law enforcement officers standards commission.

41-15-11    Summons issued to person arrested for misdemeanor--Release from custody on promise to appear--Bond required of nonresident.

41-15-12    41-15-12. Repealed by SL 1999, ch 214, § 2

41-15-13    Taking before magistrate on refusal of promise to appear on misdemeanor charge.

41-15-14    Seizure and disposition of contraband game and fish.

41-15-15    Seizure of hunting and fishing equipment for use as evidence--Return to defendant--Abandonment by failure to claim.

41-15-16    Repealed

41-15-16.1    Fish house or other shelter on ice of public waters--Seizure or destruction.

41-15-17    Search warrant for contraband bird, animal, fish, or skin--Execution of warrant.

41-15-18    Unlawfully possessed bird, animal, fish, skin, or container as contraband--Seizure by officer.

41-15-18.1    Repealed

41-15-19    Report to secretary of contraband seized.

41-15-20    Sale of contraband and abandoned property--Disposition of proceeds--Record of sales--Tagging of articles sold.

41-15-21    41-15-21. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 212, § 1.