42-7A-37. Requirements for licensed video lottery machines.

Each video lottery machine licensed under this chapter:

(1)    Shall offer only games licensed by the South Dakota Lottery and authorized by the commission;

(2)    May not have any means of manipulation that affect the random probabilities of winning a video lottery game;

(3)    Shall have one or more mechanisms that accept coins, cash in the form of bills, or a ticket voucher. The mechanisms shall be designed to prevent obtaining credits without paying by stringing, slamming, drilling, or other means. If such attempts involve physical tampering, the machine shall suspend itself from operation until reset;

(4)    Shall have nonresettable meters housed in any readily accessible locked machine area that keep a permanent record of all cash and ticket vouchers inserted into the machine, all refunds of winnings made by the machine's printer, credits played for video lottery games, and credits won by video lottery players;

(5)    Shall be capable of printing a ticket voucher stating the value of the prize for the player at the completion of each video lottery game, the time of day in a twenty-four hour format showing hours and minutes, the date, the machine serial number, the sequential number of the ticket vouchers, and an encrypted validation number from which the validity of the prize may be determined;

(6)    Shall have accounting software that keeps an electronic record which includes, but is not limited to, the following: total cash inserted into the machine, total cash value of ticket vouchers inserted into the machine, the value of winning tickets claimed by players, the total video lottery credits played and the total video lottery credits awarded by a video lottery game, and the payback percentage credited players of each video lottery game;

(7)    Shall be linked under a central communications system to provide auditing program information as approved by the commission. The communications system shall be installed and all testing conducted no later than December 1, 1989. Until such time, all accounting of machine transactions shall be audited by electronic records maintained by each video lottery machine as required in subdivision (6) of this section. In no event may the communications system approved by the commission limit participation to only one manufacturer of video lottery machines by either the cost in implementing the necessary program modifications to communicate or the inability to communicate with the central communications system. Nothing in this section may be construed as requiring a machine that only offers video lottery games to be on-line or in constant communication with a central computer.

Source: SL 1989, ch 368, § 16; SL 2022, ch 161, § 2.