42-7A-1    Definitions.

42-7A-2    South Dakota Lottery established--Administration by executive director--Overall control and operation of games.

42-7A-3    Executive director--Salary--Employment of personnel.

42-7A-4    Functions of executive director.

42-7A-5    Competitive bidding required before entering into contracts.

42-7A-6    Investigation of vendors.

42-7A-7    Subpoenas--Order to comply--Punishment by contempt.

42-7A-8    Additional functions of executive director.

42-7A-9    Lottery expenses and prizes to be paid from lottery funds--General funds not to be used or obligated--Exception.

42-7A-10    Selection of lottery retailers.

42-7A-11    Lottery retailers application fee--Annual renewal of contracts--Contracts not transferable or assignable.

42-7A-12    Issuance of lottery retailer certificate--Display--Sales only at location on certificate.

42-7A-13    Qualifications of lottery retailer.

42-7A-14    Persons ineligible to be licensed by the lottery--Criminal background investigation of applicants, licensees, vendors, and employees.

42-7A-15    Partnership as lottery retailer or video lottery machine operator.

42-7A-16    Association or corporation as lottery retailer or video lottery machine operator.

42-7A-17    Lottery Commission created--Appointment of members--Term of office--Qualifications--Chair.

42-7A-18    Meetings--Quorum.

42-7A-19    Commission to establish lottery operation policy--Approval of major procurements.

42-7A-19.1    Sale of lottery products within exterior boundaries of Indian reservations.

42-7A-20    Mileage and per diem paid commission members--Exception.

42-7A-21    Rules and regulations.

42-7A-22    Lottery operating fund--Continuous appropriation--Informational budget--Disbursements.

42-7A-23    Amount from sale of tickets allocated for payment of prizes--Means of payment for prizes.

42-7A-24    Transfer of net proceeds to state funds.

42-7A-24.1    Acceptance and expenditure of funds obtained from federal sources, gifts, contributions and other sources.

42-7A-24.2    Payment of expenditures.

42-7A-25    Employment and direction of investigative personnel.

42-7A-26    Appointment of assistant attorney general to assist in enforcement.

42-7A-27    Commission members or lottery employees not to have interest in lottery contracts or to accept gifts or loans from persons or businesses contracting with lottery--Violation as misdemeanor.

42-7A-28    Persons contracting to supply materials, tickets or consulting services not to give gifts or loans to commission members or lottery employees--Violation as misdemeanor.

42-7A-29    Removal from office for violation of conflict of interest provisions--Application of other conflict of interest statutes.

42-7A-30    Counterfeiting lottery tickets Class 6 felony.

42-7A-31    Sale of tickets at price greater than that fixed by rules prohibited--Sale by authorized retailer only--Violation.

42-7A-32    Sale of ticket to person under eighteen prohibited--Violation--Gift of ticket to person under eighteen permitted--Prize paid to parent or guardian.

42-7A-33    Purchase of ticket or payment of prize to certain persons prohibited--Exceptions.

42-7A-34    Prize paid to holder of winning ticket--Deceased winner's prize paid to representative--Right to prize nonassignable--Prizes subject to taxation--Disposition of unclaimed prize--Liability of lottery after payment of prize.

42-7A-35    42-7A-35. Repealed by SL 1989, ch 371, § 2

42-7A-36    Certain mechanical or electronic devices prohibited--Violation as felony--Devices as nuisances.

42-7A-37    Requirements for licensed video lottery machines.

42-7A-37.1    Restrictions on licensed establishment.

42-7A-38    Limit on amount played and awards given.

42-7A-39    Display of license for video lottery machine--Confiscation--Violation as felony.

42-7A-40    Examination of video lottery machines--Costs paid by manufacturer--Contract for examination.

42-7A-41    Video lottery machine manufacturer, distributor, operator, and establishment licenses required--Fees.

42-7A-41.1    Video lottery operating fund established.

42-7A-41.2    Posting video lottery odds required.

42-7A-42    Multiple types of licenses prohibited.

42-7A-43    Background investigation of video lottery licensees--Eligibility requirements.

42-7A-44    Rules for placement of video lottery machines--Number limited--Placement in bar or lounge with on-sale license.

42-7A-44.1    Denial or revocation of license for noncompliance.

42-7A-45    Video lottery machine income--Remittance to state--False report as felony--Records--Penalty.

42-7A-46    Tampering with video lottery machine as misdemeanor.

42-7A-47    Manipulating outcome, payoff, or operation of video lottery machine as felony.

42-7A-48    Age limit and legal hours of operation for video lottery machines.

42-7A-49    Lottery products on Indian reservations authorized.

42-7A-50    Confidentiality of lottery records.

42-7A-51    Lottery setoff program established--Computerized file of persons owing state.

42-7A-52    Debt setoff from prize due--Notice of right to appeal--Time limitation--Transfer of setoff amount to agency.

42-7A-53    Commission, employees, and lottery discharged from liability.

42-7A-54    Apportionment of prize among agencies--Priority of child support payments.

42-7A-55    Collection of remainder of debt.

42-7A-56    Public policy declared.

42-7A-57    Approval or disapproval of license applications.

42-7A-58    Reapplication for license after denial or revocation.

42-7A-59    False statements in license applications--Perjury.

42-7A-60    Executive or closed meetings permitted.

42-7A-61    42-7A-61. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 219, § 10.

42-7A-62    Collection of fee--Deposit in general fund.

42-7A-63    State's percentage of net machine income--Deposit into general fund and video lottery operating fund.

42-7A-64    Additional criteria for on-sale alcoholic beverage licensees in video lottery licensed establishments.

42-7A-65    42-7A-65. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 219, § 11.