42-7B-1    Limited gaming authorized within city of Deadwood.

42-7B-2    Authority conditioned--Repeal.

42-7B-2.1    Public policy.

42-7B-3    Regulation by commission.

42-7B-4    Definition of terms.

42-7B-5    Disposition of proceeds.

42-7B-6    South Dakota Commission on Gaming created.

42-7B-7    Promulgation of rules--Enforcement of chapter.

42-7B-7.1    Commission may suspend gaming at its discretion.

42-7B-8    Regular and special meetings--Quorum--Cost of special meeting requested by person other than chair, two members, or Governor.

42-7B-8.1    Purposes for executive or closed meetings.

42-7B-9    Appointment and removal of executive secretary--Duties--Salary.

42-7B-9.1    Executive secretary's access to files and records.

42-7B-10    Compensation for commission members--Expenses paid.

42-7B-11    Powers of commission.

42-7B-12    Appeal of final action of commission--Denial of license not appealable.

42-7B-13    Powers of attorney general pursuant to chapter.

42-7B-14    Maximum amount of bets.

42-7B-15    Approval of rules for certain games.

42-7B-16    Maximum number of gaming devices per license.

42-7B-16.1    42-7B-16.1. Repealed by special referendum election held September 14, 1993

42-7B-16.2    42-7B-16.2 to 42-7B-16.4. Not implemented

42-7B-17    Responsibilities of operator.

42-7B-18    Identification of retail floor plan--Approval--License granted only to retailer--Location of devices.

42-7B-19    Approval or disapproval of license.

42-7B-19.1    Denial of application--Reapplication.

42-7B-19.2    Investigation of license applicant--Failure to allow.

42-7B-20    Holding license by certain persons prohibited.

42-7B-21    Application fee and form.

42-7B-22    Licenses--Fees--Renewal--Violation as felony.

42-7B-22.1    Licensing of key employee may be required--Grounds--Time limit for response from employee--Written request to review status as key employee.

42-7B-23    Annual license stamp fee--Transfer of license stamp.

42-7B-24    License revocable--Not transferable.

42-7B-25    Qualifications for license as operator, gaming property owner, retailer, or provider.

42-7B-25.1    Internal control procedure for particular licensee may be established.

42-7B-26    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 207, § 1.

42-7B-27    Employee support license--Qualifications.

42-7B-28    Gaming tax.

42-7B-28.1    Additional tax on gaming proceeds.

42-7B-28.2    Calculation of adjusted gross proceeds.

42-7B-29    Return and remittance--Forms furnished by secretary.

42-7B-30    Violations of taxation provisions punishable as felony or misdemeanor.

42-7B-31    Failure to file--Penalties.

42-7B-32    Suspension or revocation of license--Grounds--Reprimand or monetary penalty.

42-7B-33    Person involved as manufacturer, distributor, operator, retailer, gaming property owner, provider, key employee, or support licensee--Qualifications.

42-7B-34    42-7B-34. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 321, § 8

42-7B-35    Age of participants--Violation as misdemeanor.

42-7B-36    Minimum payback value of credit.

42-7B-37    Exemption from federal law.

42-7B-38    Shipments of devices and machines deemed legal.

42-7B-39    Shipping records required to be maintained--Report by recipient--Transport out of state--Violation as felony.

42-7B-39.1    Shipping records delivered to commission.

42-7B-39.2    Destruction of seized slot machine.

42-7B-40    Licensed employee twenty-one years or older required on premises.

42-7B-41    False statement or records--Failure to keep books and records--Violations as felony.

42-7B-42    Unlawful acts by participants--Felony.

42-7B-42.1    42-7B-42.1. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 245, § 15

42-7B-43    Slot machines and wagering equipment--Security and audit specifications.

42-7B-44    Expenditure of public funds for purchase of certain machines--Proceeds--Placement.

42-7B-45    Extension of credit prohibited--Violation as felony.

42-7B-46    Historic restoration and preservation fund created.

42-7B-47    Gaming exempt from certain statutes.

42-7B-48    South Dakota Gaming Commission fund established--Disbursements.

42-7B-48.1    Distribution of funds following payment to City of Deadwood.

42-7B-48.2    General state aid to school districts reduced by payments from Gaming Commission fund.

42-7B-48.3    Gaming addiction treatment and counseling program grants from Gaming Commission fund.

42-7B-49    Acceptance and expenditure of funds by commission.

42-7B-50    Payment of expenditures.

42-7B-51    42-7B-51. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 343, § 28

42-7B-52    Taxes and fees to support identified entities.

42-7B-53    Statement of public policy--Equipment not subject to certain exclusive agreements.

42-7B-54    Anticipatory revenue bonds.

42-7B-55    Certain gambling statutes not applicable.

42-7B-56    Appointment of commission employee as law enforcement officer.

42-7B-57    Commission use of unmarked vehicles.

42-7B-58    Records--Confidentiality--Exception for official purposes and tax purposes.

42-7B-59    Certain communications between commission and secretary privileged and confidential.

42-7B-60    Exclusion or ejection of certain persons from gaming establishments necessary.

42-7B-61    List of persons to be excluded--Entrance in violation as misdemeanor--Penalty for failure to exclude or eject persons on list.

42-7B-62    Notice to excluded person.

42-7B-63    42-7B-63. Repealed by special referendum election held September 14, 1993

42-7B-64    "Gaming contract" defined.

42-7B-65    Copy of any process or pleading to the commission.

42-7B-66    Copies of all proposed gaming contracts to the executive secretary.

42-7B-67    Notification by licensee of involvement in gaming operations out of state or on any Indian reservation.

42-7B-68    Fees for publication and reports.

42-7B-69    Manufacture of gaming devices or equipment for exportation.

42-7B-70    Provision applicable to manufacture of gaming devices and equipment for exportation.

42-7B-71    Provision of interlink communications service to slot machines--Not applicable in Deadwood.

42-7B-72    Lien for tax, penalty or interest due--Notice of tax lien filed with register of deeds--Priority.

42-7B-73    Distress warrant--Seizure and sale of personal property.

42-7B-74    Personal liability of corporate officers, member-managers or managers of limited liability companies, or partners--Bond or certificate of deposit.

42-7B-75    Cancellation or revocation of voluntarily surrendered license.

42-7B-76    Sports wagering receipts maintained separately.

42-7B-77    Advance deposit sports wagering--Account requirements.

42-7B-78    Advance deposit sports wagering--Establishing account--Duty to retain application--Application considered record.

42-7B-79    Advance deposit sports wagering restrictions--Required equipment.

42-7B-80    Investigation conducted by sport's governing body.

42-7B-81    Licensee's duty to report criminal or disciplinary proceeding--Commission may share information.

42-7B-82    Betting prohibited on certain events.

42-7B-83    Certain persons prohibited from betting.