43-13-1    Granting and holding of servitudes not attached to land.

43-13-2    Easements--Definition--Classification.

43-13-3    Definition of terms--Dominant tenement--Servient tenement.

43-13-4    Creation of servitude--Vested estate in servient tenement necessary.

43-13-5    Extent of servitude--Determination.

43-13-6    Owner of servient tenement cannot hold servitude--Extinguishment of servitude.

43-13-7    Effect of partition of dominant tenement--Apportionment of burden--Limitation.

43-13-8    Use of easements by owner of future estate in dominant tenement.

43-13-9    Owner or occupant of dominant tenement--Right to enforce easement.

43-13-10    Owner in fee of servient tenement--Action for possession of land--Public servitude.

43-13-11    Destruction of servient tenement extinguishes servitude.

43-13-12    Performance of act incompatible with nature or exercise of easement--Extinguishment of servitude.

43-13-13    Servitude acquired by enjoyment extinguished by disuse for prescribed period.

43-13-14    43-13-14, 43-13-15. Repealed by SL 1992, ch 309, §§ 1, 2

43-13-16    Wind easement defined.

43-13-16.1    Solar easement defined.

43-13-17    Granting of wind or solar easements--Recording--Maximum term--Development of energy potential required--Encumbrances.

43-13-18    Contents of wind or solar easement instruments.

43-13-19    Severance of wind or solar energy rights limited.

43-13-20    Holder of wind or solar easement, lease, or easement for essential services to accommodate reasonable development of another holder--Exception.

43-13-20.1    Extension of wind development period--Filing of affidavit.

43-13-20.2    Development of potential to produce energy from wind power or solar power.

43-13-20.3    Additional contents of wind or solar easement documents.

43-13-20.4    Waiting period for execution of wind or solar easement or lease.

43-13-20.5    Confidentiality agreements.

43-13-21    Small wind energy system defined.

43-13-22    Large wind energy system defined.

43-13-23    Small wind energy system set back requirement--Exception.

43-13-24    Large wind energy system set back requirement--Exception.

43-13-25    Enforcement of farm tap easements.

43-13-26    Carbon pipeline easement--Definitions.

43-13-27    Carbon pipeline easement--Grant--Recording--Term--Deadline for use--Attachment--Encumbrance--Expiration for nonuse.