43-2A-1. Definitions.

Terms used in this chapter mean:

(1)    "Agricultural land," land capable of being used in the production of:

(a)    Agricultural crops;

(b)    Fruit and other horticultural products;

(c)    Livestock or livestock products;

(d)    Milk or dairy products;

(e)    Poultry or poultry products; or

(f)    Timber;

(2)    “Foreign entity,” any organization that:

(a)    Is registered outside of the United States or its territories; or

(b)    Has more than ten percent ownership by a foreign government, foreign person, or any combination thereof. However, this permissive threshold does not apply to a prohibited entity;

(3)    “Foreign government,” a government or state-controlled enterprise of a government, other than the United States, its states, its territories, or its federally recognized Indian tribes;

(4)    “Foreign person,” a natural person who is not a United States citizen or a resident;

(5)    “Prohibited entity,” a foreign entity from, foreign government from, or foreign person from:

(a)    The People’s Republic of China;

(b)    The Republic of Cuba;

(c)    The Islamic Republic of Iran;

(d)    The Democratic People's Republic of Korea;

(e)    The Russian Federation; or

(f)    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; and

(6)    “Resident”, any individual who is a legal resident of this state, of another state or territory of the United States, or of the District of Columbia, and makes no claim of residency in a foreign country.

Source: SL 1979, ch 291, § 7; SL 2024, ch 176, § 1.