43-2A-6.1. Violation--Investigation--Subpoena power.

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources shall refer evidence of noncompliance to the attorney general, who shall investigate the evidence for violations of this chapter. The attorney general may bring an action pursuant to title 15 to enforce this chapter.

After the attorney general commences an enforcement action, the attorney general may, in addition to any authority granted under §§ 15-6-28.2 to 15-6-28.4, inclusive, subpoena from a subject foreign entity, foreign government, foreign person, or prohibited entity:

(1)    Real property titles;

(2)    Deeds;

(3)    Real estate transaction documents;

(4)    Financing or financial documents related to the ownership or financing of the agricultural land transaction;

(5)    Documents depicting the identity of any party to the agricultural land transaction; and

(6)    Any other information necessary to demonstrate a violation of § 43-2A-2.

Source: SL 2024, ch 176, § 7.