43-2A-6. Violation--Forfeiture to state--Enforcement--Impact on title.

Any agricultural land owned in violation of this chapter is forfeited to the state. Any agricultural land lease, or easement, held by a prohibited entity in violation of this chapter, is terminated.

The attorney general shall enforce the forfeiture or the termination of a lease or easement. A forfeiture or a termination of a lease or easement may not be adjudged unless the action to enforce is brought within three years after evidence of a violation of this chapter is referred to the attorney general, as provided for in § 43-2A-6.1. No title to land is invalid or liable to forfeiture by reason of the alienage of any former owner or interested person.

Source: SL 1979, ch 291, § 6; SL 2024, ch 176, § 6.