43-32-1    Leasing of real property defined.

43-32-2    Limited term of lease--Agricultural land--Municipal lots.

43-32-3    Hiring of real property presumed for one year--Exception.

43-32-4    Hiring of lodgings--Length of term--Presumption.

43-32-5    Lease of real property for more than one year--Written contract necessary.

43-32-6    Obligations of lessor of real property--Tenant's remedies against lessor.

43-32-6.1    Maximum security deposit for residential premises--Larger deposit by mutual agreement.

43-32-7    43-32-7. Repealed by SL 1983, ch 13, § 29

43-32-8    Residential lessor to keep premises in repair--Disrepair caused by lessee--Agreements for repairs in lieu of rent--Liability to third persons unaffected.

43-32-9    Failure of lessor to repair premises--Lessee's remedies.

43-32-10    Preservation of premises by lessee.

43-32-11    Use of premises when leased for particular or specified purpose--Responsibility of lessee--Rescission of contract.

43-32-12    Time for payment of rent--Agricultural and wildland--Lodging--Termination of hiring.

43-32-13    Modification of lease--Written notice by landlord, effect--Termination by tenant.

43-32-14    Retention of possession by lessee after expiration of hiring--Acceptance of rent by lessor--Renewal of hiring--Terms.

43-32-15    Renewal of hiring of real property presumed unless notice given of termination.

43-32-16    Tenant receiving notice of adverse proceedings--Duty to inform landlord.

43-32-17    Attornment of tenant to stranger, validity--Consent of landlord--Judgment.

43-32-18    Termination of lease by landlord before end of agreed term--Use of premises by tenant contrary to agreement--Neglect of tenant to make repairs.

43-32-18.1    Eviction of tenant--Limitations.

43-32-19    Termination of lease by tenant--Causes.

43-32-19.1    Domestic abuse--Unlawful sexual behavior--Stalking--Termination of lease--Notice requirements.

43-32-19.2    Contact information--Disclosure--Limitation.

43-32-20    Assignment of lease by lessee--Breach of agreement--Recovery of possession--Remedies of lessor--Exception--Security for loan.

43-32-21    Assignment of lease by lessor--Breach of agreement--Remedies of lessee--Covenants excepted.

43-32-22    Termination of lease--Agreed term--Mutual consent--Acquisition of superior title by tenant.

43-32-22.1    Continuation of farm lease absent notice--Time for notice--Termination without notice in case of default--Grassland included.

43-32-23    Termination of lease at pleasure of either party--Death or incapacity to contract--Exception.

43-32-24    Return of security deposit after termination of tenancy--Withholding--Itemized accounting--Forfeiture of withholding rights--Punitive damages.

43-32-24.1    Commercial security deposits.

43-32-25    Small amount of tenant's property left on premises presumed abandoned--Disposal by lessor. \

43-32-26    Storage of tenant's valuable property left on premises--Lien--Disposal as abandoned after waiting period.

43-32-27    Cause of action against lessor for retaliatory conduct.

43-32-28    Retaliatory conduct--Remedies--Attorney's fees.

43-32-29    Rights and remedies preserved.

43-32-30    Disclosure of knowledge of existence of prior manufacturing of methamphetamines.

43-32-31    Notice to vacate and remove mobile or manufactured home from leased property.

43-32-32    Reasonable notice of landlord's intent to enter--Contents.

43-32-33    Service animal and disability defined.

43-32-34    Landlord permitted to require documentation of disability requiring service animal--Exceptions.

43-32-35    Service animal documentation requirements.

43-32-36    Eviction for false claims of disability requiring service animal or fraudulent documentation--Damages.

43-32-37    Ejection--Hotel, campground, or RV park premises.