43-4-1    Transfer of property defined.

43-4-2    Property subject to transfer--Rights of trustee, conservator, or personal representative.

43-4-3    Property not subject to transfer.

43-4-4    Voluntary transfer of property defined.

43-4-5    Transfer without writing where not required by statute.

43-4-6    Transfer in writing a grant.

43-4-7    Grant takes effect upon delivery by grantor--Presumption as to delivery.

43-4-8    Absolute delivery of grant required--Conditional delivery ineffective.

43-4-9    Constructive delivery of grant--Agreement of parties.

43-4-10    Constructive delivery of grant to stranger for benefit of grantee.

43-4-11    Escrow delivery of grant.

43-4-12    Redelivery of grant does not transfer title.

43-4-13    Grant interpreted as contract.

43-4-14    Construction of grant--Limitations--Operative words.

43-4-15    Irreconcilable parts of grant--Prevailing part.

43-4-16    Grantee favored in interpretation of grant--Exception.

43-4-17    Title transferred--Intention of parties.

43-4-18    Incidents included with thing transferred.

43-4-19    Transfer of present interest and benefit of condition or covenant.

43-4-20    Definition of terms.

43-4-21    Imposition and amount of real estate transfer fee.

43-4-22    Exemptions from real estate transfer fee.

43-4-23    Exempt transfers to be marked.

43-4-24    Collection of real estate transfer fee by register--Amount indicated on face of deed.

43-4-25    Disposition of proceeds of real estate transfer fee collections--Records of register.

43-4-26    Falsification of value of real estate or false claim of exemption as misdemeanor.

43-4-27    Satisfaction of bequest, devise, or transfer in trust by distribution of assets in kind at values determined for federal estate tax purposes--Appreciation or depreciation in value considered.

43-4-28    Effective date of application of provisions as to distributions at values determined for federal estate tax purposes.

43-4-29    43-4-29 to 43-4-36. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 167, § 184

43-4-37    Definition of terms for required disclosures in certain real estate transfers.

43-4-38    Buyer furnished completed disclosure statement prior to written offer--Amendment.

43-4-39    Terminating written offer made prior to disclosure statement.

43-4-40    Liability for defect disclosed in statement.

43-4-41    Good faith disclosure required.

43-4-42    Liability for failure to comply with disclosure statement requirements.

43-4-43    Application of disclosure statement requirements.

43-4-44    Property condition disclosure statement.

43-4-45    43-4-45. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 230, § 2.

43-4-46    Transfer defined.

43-4-47    Private transfer fee defined.

43-4-48    Private transfer fee obligation defined.

43-4-49    Private transfer fee obligations after June 30, 2011 unenforceable-- Private transfer fee obligations before June 30, 2011 not presumed valid and enforceable.

43-4-50    Liability for private transfer fee obligations recorded or entered into after June 30, 2011.

43-4-51    Disclosure of private transfer fee obligations.

43-4-52    Notices of private transfer fee obligation to be recorded for obligations imposed before July 1, 2011--Contents.

43-4-53    Amendment to notice of transfer fee.

43-4-54    Effect of failure to record notice of private transfer fee obligation.

43-4-55    Effect of failure to provide written statement of private transfer fee payable within thirty days of request.

43-4-56    Affidavit concerning request for and failure to provide written statement of transfer fee--Recording--Contents.

43-4-57    Recorded affidavit constitutes prima facie evidence of stated facts.