43-41B-1    Definitions and use of terms.

43-41B-2    Property presumed abandoned--General rule.

43-41B-3    General rules for taking custody of intangible unclaimed property.

43-41B-4    Travelers checks and money orders.

43-41B-5    Checks, drafts and similar instruments issued or certified by banking and financial organizations.

43-41B-6    Bank deposits and funds in financial organizations.

43-41B-7    Funds owing under life insurance.

43-41B-8    Deposits held by utilities.

43-41B-9    Refunds held by business associations.

43-41B-10    Stock and other intangible interests in business associations.

43-41B-11    Property of business associations held in course of dissolution.

43-41B-12    43-41B-12. Repealed by SL 1993, ch 326, § 2

43-41B-13    Property held by agents and fiduciaries.

43-41B-14    Property held by courts and public agencies.

43-41B-15    Gift certificates and credit memos.

43-41B-16    Wages.

43-41B-17    Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping repository--U.S. savings bonds.

43-41B-18    Report of abandoned property.

43-41B-19    Notice and publication of names of persons appearing to be owners of unclaimed property.

43-41B-20    Payment or delivery of abandoned property.

43-41B-21    Custody by state--Holder relieved from liability--Reimbursement of holder paying claim--Reclaiming for owner--Defense of holder--Payment of safe deposit box or repository charges.

43-41B-22    Crediting of dividends, interest, or increments to owner's account.

43-41B-23    Public sale of abandoned property.

43-41B-23.1    Sale of securities, stocks, bonds, and other intangible ownership interests.

43-41B-24    Unclaimed property trust fund--Deposit--Moneys received.

43-41B-24.1    Unclaimed property trust fund--Continuous appropriation--Purpose--Informational budget.

43-41B-24.2    Operational expenses not continuously appropriated.

43-41B-25    Filing claim with administrator--Handling of claims by administrator.

43-41B-26    Claim of another state to recover property--Procedure.

43-41B-27    Action to establish claim.

43-41B-28    Election to take payment or delivery.

43-41B-29    Destruction or disposition of property having insubstantial commercial value--Immunity from liability.

43-41B-30    Period of limitation.

43-41B-31    Requests for reports and examination of records.

43-41B-32    Retention of records.

43-41B-33    Enforcement.

43-41B-34    Interstate agreements and cooperation--Joint and reciprocal actions with other states.

43-41B-35    Interest on untimely payments.

43-41B-36    Agreements to locate reported property.

43-41B-37    Effect of new provisions--Clarification of application.

43-41B-38    Rules.

43-41B-39    43-41B-39. Rejected by special referendum election held November 3, 1998

43-41B-40    Open-loop prepaid cards exempt.

43-41B-41    Rewards cards exempt.

43-41B-42    Unredeemed gift certificates, closed-loop cards, open-loop cards, and rewards cards not subject to state claim.

43-41B-43    Certain gift certificates and closed-loop prepaid cards exempt.

43-41B-44    United States savings bonds.