43-8-1    Rights of life tenant--Use of land--Exception.

43-8-2    Building and fences--Duty of life tenant to repair, and pay taxes and assessments.

43-8-3    Lease for life--Recovery of rent due.

43-8-4    Recovery of rent dependent upon life of another.

43-8-5    Tenant for years or at will--Restriction of rights by instrument creating tenancy.

43-8-6    Rights of tenant for years or at will not holding over.

43-8-7    Rights acquired under transfer or devise of real property--Recovery of rent--Enforcement of terms of lease--Action for waste.

43-8-8    Estate at will--Residential property--Termination by notice--Extended notice for active military service.

43-8-8.1    Estate at will--Commercial property--Termination by notice.

43-8-9    Written notice to terminate estate at will required--Manner of delivery--Posting on premises.

43-8-10    Estate at will--Termination by notice--Reentry by landlord or action for possession.

43-8-11    Right of reentry--Reservation in grant or lease--Three days' previous written notice sufficient.

43-8-12    Accrual of right to reenter--Notice of action for possession unnecessary.