45-6B-81. Promulgation of rules.

The board may promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, to:

(1)    Establish the procedure for filing and departmental review of mining permit applications;

(2)    Establish the procedure for amending mining permits;

(3)    Establish the procedure for transfer of permits;

(4)    Provide for the reclamation of mills proposed to be operated in conjunction with a mining operation;

(5)    Establish the prehearing procedure for determining the type of reclamation to be performed on affected land;

(6)    Establish the minimum requirements for each type of reclamation;

(7)    Establish the reclamation activities required to be performed concurrent with mining activity;

(8)    Establish the procedure to address reclamation before or during a temporary cessation of mining activity, pursuant to subdivision 45-6B-3(6);

(9)    Establish the procedure for determining special, exceptional, critical, or unique land, in accordance with § 45-6B-33;

(10)    Establish the requirements for construction, operation, monitoring, and closure of uranium and other mineral mines using in situ leach processes; and

(11)    Establish the procedure for posting and monitoring financial assurance.

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