46-6-9Well driller license--Fee--Issuance.

Any well driller, before doing any well drilling and before contracting for any such work, shall first secure and thereafter maintain a license. The words "South Dakota Licensed Well Driller No." shall be plainly displayed at a conspicuous place on the premises where the work is being conducted. The fee for the license is two hundred dollars for a resident, and three hundred dollars for a nonresident. The same amounts shall be paid each calendar year for renewal of the license. A resident is any person whose primary residence is located in South Dakota and has not claimed residency in any other state within ninety days of filing an application to become licensed. The fee shall be paid to the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and deposited with the state treasurer in the environment and natural resources fee fund established in § 1-41-23. The license shall be issued pursuant to the procedures contained in chapter 46-2A. No license may be issued unless the applicant is experienced and knowledgeable in good well construction methods. The Water Management Board shall promulgate rules pursuant to chapter 1-26 establishing qualifications for well drillers.

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