46A-1-80.1Ownership of dredges and money transferred to South Dakota Lakes and Streams Association--Reversion.

All interest, title, and rights of ownership in the two eight-inch dredges and one ten-inch dredge and associated equipment and any money are hereby transferred to the South Dakota Lakes and Streams Association, for use in the restoration of lakes and streams, with priority given to lakes and streams in South Dakota. This transfer is effective only for so long as the dredges are owned by the association and are used for the above purpose. If the South Dakota Lakes and Streams Association ceases to exist or apply the dredges to the above purpose, all right, title, and interest in the dredges revert to the State of South Dakota. In the event of such reversion, the Bureau of Human Resources and Administration shall sell the dredges to the highest bidder, notwithstanding any requirements of chapter 5-24A in regard to minimum bids.

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