46A-1-1    Legislative findings and policy.

46A-1-2    Legislative purpose for state water plan--Composition of plan.

46A-1-2.1    Legislative findings--Water resources projects.

46A-1-2.2    46A-1-2.2. Repealed by SL 1994, ch 346, § 14.

46A-1-2.3    Previous designations of projects superseded.

46A-1-2.4    46A-1-2.4. Executed

46A-1-2.5    46A-1-2.5. Executed

46A-1-2.6    46A-1-2.6. Executed

46A-1-2.7    46A-1-2.7. Executed

46A-1-2.8    46A-1-2.8. Executed

46A-1-2.9    46A-1-2.9. Executed

46A-1-2.10    46A-1-2.10. Executed

46A-1-2.11    46A-1-2.11. Executed

46A-1-2.12    46A-1-2.12. Executed

46A-1-2.13    46A-1-2.13. Executed

46A-1-2.14    46A-1-2.14. Executed

46A-1-3    Definition of terms.

46A-1-4    Water rights not affected by chapter.

46A-1-5    46A-1-5. Repealed by SL 2011, ch 165, § 286.

46A-1-6    46A-1-6. Omitted

46A-1-7    Establishment of state policy on water facilities--Recommended comments on federal policy.

46A-1-8    Resolution of conflicting interests.

46A-1-9    46A-1-9. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 192, § 3.

46A-1-10    Recommendations to Governor and Legislature as to facilities needed in water resources management system.

46A-1-11    Estimates of costs and revenues from proposed water facilities--Requests for legislative authorization of construction.

46A-1-12    Allocation of benefits and costs among governmental and private interests--Determination of priorities.

46A-1-13    Presentation of cost data to Governor and Legislature--Requests for financing authorization.

46A-1-13.1    46A-1-13.1. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 99.

46A-1-13.2    Authorization of Belle Fourche irrigation rehabilitation project--Financial assistance limited.

46A-1-13.3    46A-1-13.3. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 113.

46A-1-13.4    Authorization of Mni Wiconi rural system--Loans--Accrual of interest.

46A-1-13.5    46A-1-13.5. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 114.

46A-1-13.6    Authorization of Lake Andes-Wagner/Marty II Irrigation Project--Research demonstration project required--Loans authorized--Indian lands exempted from payments.

46A-1-13.7    Sioux Falls Flood Control Project authorized.

46A-1-13.8    Black Hills Water Management Project and Black Hills Hydrology Study authorized.

46A-1-13.9    46A-1-13.9. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 115.

46A-1-13.10    Lewis and Clark Rural Water System authorized.

46A-1-13.11    Southern Black Hills Water System authorized.

46A-1-13.12    Belle Fourche irrigation upgrade project authorized.

46A-1-14    Annual report of activities of board--Contents.

46A-1-15    Consideration of wild, scenic, and recreational rivers.

46A-1-16    46A-1-16. Repealed by SL 2015, ch 192, § 4.

46A-1-17    Borrowing on interim notes--Expenses paid and loans made from proceeds--Issuance of notes.

46A-1-18    Loan of interim note proceeds to public entity or person for project that state or federal agency is committed to finance--Notes issued prior to financing arrangement.

46A-1-19    Interim financing--Proper authority required.

46A-1-20    Interim financing--Independent review of feasibility of project.

46A-1-21    Interim financing--Proceeds pledged as security--Assignment to district of rights to proceeds.

46A-1-22    Terms of interim notes.

46A-1-23    Security for interim notes.

46A-1-24    Additional covenants and conditions to secure interim notes.

46A-1-25    Registration of interim notes--Interest payment--Redemption prior to maturity.

46A-1-26    Execution and attestation of interim notes--Sale.

46A-1-27    Bond provisions applicable to interim financing.

46A-1-28    Payment of interim notes on issue of revenue bonds.

46A-1-29    Plan for project financing to be submitted to Legislature--Authorization for bond issuance--Amount of bonds.

46A-1-30    Purposes for bond issuance.

46A-1-31    Bond issuance to finance or refinance statewide water plan projects--Bond issuance to purchase or finance loans by United States Department of Agriculture or to fund revolving fund programs under Clean Water Act or Safe Drinking Water Act.

46A-1-32    Terms of bonds.

46A-1-33    Pledge of revenues to secure payment of bonds.

46A-1-33.1    District may contract to manage payment or interest rate risk for bonds.

46A-1-34    46A-1-34, 46A-1-35. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 2, §§ 33, 34.

46A-1-35    46A-1-35. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 2, § 34.

46A-1-36    Covenant to collect revenues sufficient for retirement of bonds.

46A-1-37    Covenant against alienation or encumbrance of projects while bonds outstanding.

46A-1-38    Covenants as to management of project and accounting for funds.

46A-1-39    Trust agreements.

46A-1-40    Additional covenants to secure bonds or make them more marketable.

46A-1-41    State general obligation not to be created.

46A-1-42    Bonds not a state obligation--Payment restricted to revenues.

46A-1-43    Recording not required for bond protection.

46A-1-44    Validity of bonds not dependent upon signing officers remaining in office or regularity of proceedings.

46A-1-45    Sale of bonds--Procedure and price.

46A-1-46    Negotiability of bonds.

46A-1-47    Bonds as legal investments for fiduciaries and financial institutions.

46A-1-48    Bond and note proceeds--Payment into state treasury not required.

46A-1-49    Financing agreements to lend bond proceeds--Board resolution.

46A-1-50    Financing agreements--Provisions to provide for and secure repayment of bonds and loan.

46A-1-51    Financing agreements--Proper authority required.

46A-1-52    Financing agreements--Independent review of feasibility of project.

46A-1-53    Agreement as to custody and disposition of moneys.

46A-1-54    Remedies of bondholders.

46A-1-55    Persons executing district notes or bonds not subject to personal liability.

46A-1-56    Refunding bonds authorized for matured obligations.

46A-1-57    Sale of refunding bonds for matured obligations--Application of proceeds--Cancellation of instruments paid.

46A-1-58    Refunding bonds authorized for unmatured obligations.

46A-1-59    Sale of refunding bonds for unmatured obligations--Use of proceeds.

46A-1-60    Water and environment fund--Establishment--Moneys in fund.

46A-1-60.1    Water pollution control revolving fund program and state drinking water revolving fund program established--Program subfunds created--Deposits into subfunds and use thereof.

46A-1-60.2    Disbursements from and administration of water pollution control revolving fund program and state drinking water revolving fund program--Sections 46A-1-61 to 46A-1-69 inapplicable.

46A-1-60.3    Rules for selection of projects to receive funds from water pollution control revolving fund program and state drinking water revolving fund program and administration of same.

46A-1-60.4    46A-1-60.4, 46A-1-60.5. Executed

46A-1-61    Authorization required for disbursements from fund--Form of appropriation from fund--Limit on grants.

46A-1-62    Disbursements from capital projects fund.

46A-1-63    Energy industry use funds deposit--Deposit of funds recovered through lawsuit or settlement.

46A-1-63.1    Consolidated water facilities construction program--Disbursements.

46A-1-63.2    46A-1-63.2, 46A-1-63.3. Expired

46A-1-64    Limit on loans or grants to projects in water facilities plan--Security for loans.

46A-1-65    Criteria for selection of projects to receive loans or grants--Regulation of loans or grants.

46A-1-66    Interest on loans.

46A-1-67    Term of loans--Capitalization and refinancing of loans for purposes other than construction.

46A-1-67.1    Repayment of loan may be deferred until execution of contract for project construction.

46A-1-68    Loan terms set by Legislature.

46A-1-68.1    Deposit of money received from fund.

46A-1-69    Suspension of annual installment due on loan for irrigation project.

46A-1-70    Financial reporting of projects--Auditing.

46A-1-71    Legislative findings regarding need for program of statewide water development and financing.

46A-1-72    Pipeline or aqueduct construction authorized--Use of water.

46A-1-73    Financing of pipelines or aqueducts--Bonds--Loans.

46A-1-74    46A-1-74. Repealed by SL 2004, ch 274, § 3.

46A-1-75    46A-1-75 to 46A-1-77. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 291, §§ 34 to 36.

46A-1-78    Moratorium on Oahe project construction as public policy of state--Study of alternate projects--Negotiation of settlement for land losses.

46A-1-79    46A-1-79. Transferred to § 46A-1-63.1.

46A-1-80    46A-1-80. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 2, § 36.

46A-1-80.1    Ownership of dredges and money transferred to South Dakota Lakes and Streams Association--Reversion.

46A-1-81    Amount of funds required for dredge maintenance and repair and other expenses.

46A-1-82    Environment and water resources trust fund established--Subfund.

46A-1-82.1    46A-1-82.1. Repealed by SL 1996, ch 47, § 8.

46A-1-83    State solid waste management program established.

46A-1-83.1    46A-1-83.1. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 251, § 19A.

46A-1-83.2    Expenditure of fees deposited in environment and water resources trust fund--Access to fund--Appropriation.

46A-1-83.3    46A-1-83.3. Executed

46A-1-84    Adoption of rules to award financial assistance to sponsors of solid waste management projects--Purpose and preference of awards.

46A-1-85    46A-1-85, 46A-1-85.1. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 237, §§ 14, 15.

46A-1-86    46A-1-86. Obsolete

46A-1-87    46A-1-87. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 208, § 2.

46A-1-88    Conversion of study loans to grants.

46A-1-89    46A-1-89. Repealed by SL 2005, ch 237, § 16.

46A-1-90    46A-1-90. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, § 116.

46A-1-91    Financial assistance for recycling and processing facilities for waste tires.

46A-1-92    Legislative findings and authorization of certain water development projects.

46A-1-93    Priority in administration of funds.

46A-1-94    Perkins County rural water system.

46A-1-95    Clean lakes program, nonpoint source program, water quality monitoring program, and wetland grant program established.

46A-1-96    Special purpose water district loan program established--Funding.

46A-1-97    Board authorized to contract for financial services.

46A-1-98    Confidentiality of trade secrets or commercial or financial information received by board or department.

46A-1-99    Additional financial assistance for solid waste management and recycling facilities.

46A-1-100    Definition of terms.

46A-1-101    State brownfields revitalization and economic development program established--Subfunds created--Deposit and use of money.

46A-1-102    Disbursement and administration of money from subfunds--Rules--Application of provisions.

46A-1-103    Promulgation of rules by board--Content.

46A-1-104    Continuous appropriation of brownfields revitalization and economic development program subfunds--Purpose.

46A-1-105    Establishment of brownfields program by eligible entity.

46A-1-106    Powers of eligible entity establishing brownfields program.