46A-18-1    Legislative findings and policy.

46A-18-2    Petition to submit to an election the establishment of water project district.

46A-18-2.1    Voting restricted to qualified voters.

46A-18-2.2    Conditions for specifying qualified voter of district or director division is owner of real property located within district or director division.

46A-18-3    46A-18-3. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 366, § 2.

46A-18-4    Petition--Contents.

46A-18-5    46A-18-5. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, § 73.

46A-18-6    Lands includable in district.

46A-18-7    Organization of district within or partly within boundaries of another district.

46A-18-8    Directors to be elected at large or from divisions--Establishment of division boundaries.

46A-18-9    Election of directors--Procedure--Terms.

46A-18-10    Signatures required on petition--Number.

46A-18-11    46A-18-11. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, § 75.

46A-18-12    Petition--Maps and documents to accompany filing.

46A-18-13    Petition examined by board--Investigation--Payment of estimated costs--Representation of petition.

46A-18-14    Findings by board--Dismissal or approval of petition--Election date after approval.

46A-18-15    Notice of petition and election--Publication--Contents.

46A-18-16    46A-18-16 to 46A-18-19. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 36, §§ 78 to 81.

46A-18-20    Establishment of district--Vote required.

46A-18-20.1    Payment of election costs.

46A-18-21    Initial district directors.

46A-18-22    Organization of directors--Chairman--Secretary-treasurer.

46A-18-23    Annual district meeting--Election of directors.

46A-18-24    Notice of annual meeting and election.

46A-18-25    Nominating petitions for directors.

46A-18-26    Director vacancies--Filling.

46A-18-27    Boundary adjustments.

46A-18-28    Annexation or withdrawal of areas.

46A-18-29    Combining districts.

46A-18-30    Combining districts--Certification of creation.

46A-18-31    Corporate powers vested in directors.

46A-18-32    Powers of district.

46A-18-33    Oath of directors.

46A-18-34    Employment of personnel--Bonds.

46A-18-35    Indemnification of officers, employees, and agents.

46A-18-36    Compensation and reimbursement of expenses--Directors--Vouchers.

46A-18-37    Duties of directors.

46A-18-38    Powers of directors.

46A-18-39    District control over water rights.

46A-18-40    Plan for improvements--Contents.

46A-18-41    Priority of projects--Reports by engineer on each project--Contents.

46A-18-42    Examination, hearing, and resolution on project--Financing.

46A-18-43    Financing determined in resolution.

46A-18-44    Publication of resolution--Notice of hearing--Apportionment of benefits.

46A-18-45    Election to approve financing--Vote required.

46A-18-46    Limitation of general tax levies and special assessments.

46A-18-47    Eligibility to vote on tax levies and assessments.

46A-18-48    Municipality contracting for payments to district--Election required.

46A-18-49    Tax levy or assessment resolution--Filing--Collection.

46A-18-50    Assessed valuation.

46A-18-51    Delivery of tax collections to district.

46A-18-52    Review of tax levies.

46A-18-53    Warrants issued in anticipation of tax or special assessment collections.

46A-18-54    46A-18-54. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 366, § 15.

46A-18-55    Special election on additional taxes or special assessments--Eligibility to vote.

46A-18-56    Operation and maintenance of completed projects--Budget.

46A-18-57    Reserve fund for extraordinary maintenance or operation.

46A-18-57.1    Reserve fund for project development and construction.

46A-18-58    46A-18-58. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 253, § 20.

46A-18-59    Levies for operation and maintenance.

46A-18-60    Certification of taxes and assessments--Collection--Deposit and disbursement of proceeds.

46A-18-61    Acceptance of grants and gifts.

46A-18-62    County contributions to districts.

46A-18-63    Acquisition of real property and easements--Condemnation.

46A-18-64    Contracts and arrangements by district authorized.

46A-18-65    Contracts to furnish water--Other contracts.

46A-18-66    Pledge of security for obligations--Revenue.

46A-18-67    Depository for district funds.

46A-18-68    Claims against district--Payment by warrant or order--Registration.

46A-18-69    Services provided without charge to district.

46A-18-70    46A-18-70, 46A-18-71. Repealed by SL 1995, ch 253, §§ 22, 23.

46A-18-71.1    Repealed.

46A-18-72    Investigation of district operations--Hearing--Order for correction.

46A-18-73    Municipalities' powers as to waterworks unaffected.

46A-18-74    Petition for dissolution of district--Election--Notice--Ballots.

46A-18-75    Vote required for dissolution--Winding-up procedure.

46A-18-76    Resolution dissolving district--Filing.

46A-18-77    Satisfaction of obligations outstanding after dissolution.