46A-2-1    Creation of South Dakota Conservancy District--Boundaries--Powers.

46A-2-2    Purposes for which district created.

46A-2-3    Intent to relate financing of water resources projects to degree of benefits received.

46A-2-4    Definition of terms.

46A-2-5    Board of directors abolished--Performance of functions.

46A-2-6    Offices of district.

46A-2-7    Quorum of board--Actions on notes or bonds.

46A-2-8    Rules--Delegation of authority by board.

46A-2-9    46A-2-9, 46A-2-10. Repealed by SL 2013, ch 166, §§ 117, 118.

46A-2-11    Board may sue and be sued.

46A-2-12    Legal adviser of board--Cooperation of state agencies at request of board.

46A-2-13    Coordination of water resources project activities.

46A-2-14    Acquisition and disposition of property necessary for water resources projects--Use by local project sponsors.

46A-2-15    Powers of district with respect to project owned and operated by district or regulated public water utility.

46A-2-16    Leverage lease agreements by board--District as lender and lessee--Sublease of equipment.

46A-2-17    Eminent domain--Exercise of power by board.

46A-2-18    Acquisition of water rights by district--Rights to appropriate water for energy industry use.

46A-2-19    Transfer of water rights or permits to appropriate water for energy industry use--Contract provisions.

46A-2-20    Resource development works, construction, operation and maintenance--Exercising powers in water development districts.

46A-2-21    Interim financing--Eminent domain power--Limitation.

46A-2-22    Contract for payment of services or performance of work--Board as party--Amount limited to annual appropriation.

46A-2-23    Construction of water facilities--Prior approval of water resources project plans.

46A-2-24    Cooperation with other agencies in development of water resources projects.

46A-2-25    Acceptance of assistance to aid and promote water resources projects.

46A-2-26    Cooperation and performance of obligations entered into with United States for water resources projects.

46A-2-27    46A-2-27. Repealed by SL 1987, ch 29, § 58

46A-2-28    Federal contracts for multi-purpose projects--Mandatory contract terms.

46A-2-29    Federal contracts for multi-purpose projects--Approval of contract provisions.

46A-2-30    Federal loans contracted by district.

46A-2-31    Contracts with United States for marketing federal water service--State interests not prejudiced--Purpose--Recommendation to Legislature.

46A-2-32    46A-2-32. Repealed by SL 1984 (SS), ch 1, § 62

46A-2-33    Repealed

46A-2-34    Generation and sale of hydroelectric power authorized.

46A-2-35    Appropriations to accomplish duties of district--Request to state Legislature.

46A-2-36    Powers granted to district and water development districts--Construction.

46A-2-37    Construction of conservancy district law--Supplementary to laws governing water management board--Laws relating to irrigation, conservancy, drainage, soil conservation, or watershed districts unaffected.

46A-2-38    Areas outside development districts.