46A-3A-1    Establishment of districts--Procedure--Political subdivision status.

46A-3A-1.1    Districts to promote conservation, development and management of resources--Serve as clearinghouse for water quality and supply projects.

46A-3A-2    Central Plains district.

46A-3A-3    East Dakota district.

46A-3A-4    James River district.

46A-3A-5    South Central district.

46A-3A-6    West Dakota district.

46A-3A-7    West River district.

46A-3A-7.1    Vermillion basin district.

46A-3A-8    Petition for election on establishment of district.

46A-3A-9    Contents and form of petition.

46A-3A-10    Approval of petition--Referral to election.

46A-3A-11    Ballots on establishment.

46A-3A-12    Conduct of election.

46A-3A-13    Separate districts for election--Vote required.

46A-3A-14    Approval by only some of election districts--Effect--Withdrawal from district.

46A-3A-15    Resolution creating district--Filing.

46A-3A-16    Additions and withdrawals of territory.

46A-3A-17    Costs of elections.

46A-3A-18    46A-3A-18. Repealed by SL 2008, ch 233, §§ 1, 5.