01    State Water Resources Management

02    South Dakota Conservancy District

03    Subdistricts Of South Dakota Conservancy District [Repealed]

03A    Water Development Districts--Establishment

03B    Water Development Districts--Board Of Directors

03C    Water Development Districts--Dissolution

03D    Water Development Districts--Powers And Duties

03E    Water Development Districts--Tax Levies And Special Assessments

04    Organization, Boundaries And Dissolution Of Irrigation Districts

05    Irrigation District Projects And Operations

06    Irrigation District Contracts And Financing

07    Irrigation District Assessments And Levies

07A    Cendak Irrigation District [Repealed]

08    Water Users' Associations

09    Water User Districts

10    Intrastate Drainage Projects [Repealed]

10A    County Drainage

10B    Drainage Basin Utility Districts

11    Drainage Assessments And Bonds

11A    Mediation Of Drainage Disputes

12    Trustee Management Of Drainage Districts [Repealed]

13    Interstate Drainage Districts

14    Watershed Districts

15    Missouri River Development

16    Minnesota Boundary Waters

17    Belle Fourche River Compact

18    Water Project Districts

19    River Basin Natural Resource Districts [Repealed]