47-16-1    Classes of members--Provisions in bylaws.

47-16-2    Annual member meeting--Time of meeting.

47-16-3    Special meetings.

47-16-4    Member meetings--Location--Virtual participation.

47-16-5    Member meetings--Notice--Virtual meeting.

47-16-6    Notice to delegates or alternates.

47-16-7    Member meetings--Quorum.

47-16-8    Action without meeting.

47-16-9    Consent to action without meeting.

47-16-10    Votes at meeting.

47-16-11    Votes by member cooperatives.

47-16-12    Vote by member owning membership stock.

47-16-13    Proxy votes--Delegate votes.

47-16-14    Member voting.

47-16-15    Voting by representatives.

47-16-16    Voting by organizations.

47-16-17    Voting rights conditioned upon membership payment.

47-16-18    Other votes prohibited.

47-16-19    Bylaws provisions for voting.

47-16-20    Percentage of vote.

47-16-21    Capital stock--Classes of stock.

47-16-22    Membership stock--Transfer of stock.

47-16-23    Cooperative dealing in own stock.

47-16-24    Consideration for stock.

47-16-25    Reacquisition of stock.

47-16-26    Stockholders' preemptive rights.

47-16-27    Stock certificates--Conditions to issuance.

47-16-28    Statements required on stock certificates.

47-16-29    Stock subscriptions--Irrevocability.

47-16-30    Liability of subscribers.

47-16-31    Missing securities--Issuance of duplicate.

47-16-32    Missing securities--Redemption--Procedure.

47-16-33    Liability on securities wrongfully transferred--Notice.

47-16-34    Definition of transfers and transferors.

47-16-35    Actions by stockholders or members--Allegations respecting ownership.

47-16-36    Actions by stockholders or members--Additional allegations.

47-16-37    Approval of court required for termination of action.

47-16-38    Expenses of maintaining action--Disposition of proceeds.

47-16-39    Security for costs--Amount of security.

47-16-40    Distribution of net proceeds.

47-16-41    Deductions from total proceeds.

47-16-42    Procedure for distribution.

47-16-43    47-16-43. Repealed by SL 2009, ch 230, § 1.

47-16-44    Payments to employees.

47-16-45    Dividends on capital stock--Conditions to payment.

47-16-46    Distributions to patrons.

47-16-47    Creation of reserves--Credit to patrons.

47-16-48    Ratio of patronage as determining payment to patron.

47-16-49    Classification of patrons.

47-16-50    Credit to surplus and reserves.

47-16-51    Remaining funds--Distribution to patrons--Distinction between members and nonmembers--Classification of patrons.

47-16-52    Manner of payment.

47-16-53    Application of proceeds to prior losses.

47-16-54    Unclaimed credits--Forfeiture to cooperative.

47-16-55    Procedure for forfeiture--Resolution--Time limit for claim.

47-16-56    Notice to claimant--Contents of notice.

47-16-57    Notice by publication.

47-16-58    Applicability to preexisting claims.

47-16-59    Discretionary payment to claimant after forfeiture.

47-16-60    Filing false document as felony.

47-16-61    Report of forfeited sums to administrator.