47-17-1    Board of directors as manager of cooperative--Qualifications of directors.

47-17-2    Compensation of directors.

47-17-3    Number of directors.

47-17-4    First directors as temporary board--Election of permanent directors--Territorial directors--Directors' terms of office--Alternates.

47-17-4.1    Use of funds or employee activity to promote election to office prohibited--Directors and officers permitting violation subject to civil fine.

47-17-5    Removal of directors.

47-17-6    Vacancies on board of directors.

47-17-7    Liability of directors for improper distribution of assets.

47-17-7.1    Directors not liable for distribution in good faith reliance on financial statements or accountant's representation.

47-17-8    Board meetings.

47-17-9    Quorum at meeting.

47-17-10    Waiver of notice of meeting.

47-17-11    Specification of purpose of meeting.

47-17-12    Directors' executive committee--Powers of committee.

47-17-13    Action without meeting of directors--Written consent.

47-17-14    Principal officers of cooperative--Election by board of directors.

47-17-15    Other officers.

47-17-16    Authority of officers.

47-17-17    Removal of officers.

47-17-18    Compensation of officers.

47-17-19    47-17-19. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 260, § 8.

47-17-20    Filing false document as felony.

47-17-21    Indemnification of directors, officers, agents, and employees against liability under certain circumstances.

47-17-22    Circumstances under which directors, officers, agents, and employees may not be indemnified.

47-17-23    Indemnification of successful director, officer, agent, or employee for expenses incurred in proceeding.