49-30-1    Organization of company--Articles of incorporation--Contents of articles--Subscription by incorporators.

49-30-2    Affidavit of directors--Contents of affidavit--Filing with secretary of state.

49-30-3    Certificate of incorporation--Name of corporation--Powers.

49-30-4    Powers of corporation--Survey for proposed pole line--Entry upon property.

49-30-5    Powers of corporation--Holding property for accessory facilities.

49-30-6    Powers of corporation--Purchase of real property for lines--Disposition of property.

49-30-7    Powers of corporation--Construction along waters and highways.

49-30-8    Powers of corporation--Connection with preexisting lines--Expense of connection.

49-30-9    Powers of corporation--Transmission of messages.

49-30-10    Powers of corporation--Accessory facilities.

49-30-11    Powers of corporation--Rules and regulations for transmission of messages.

49-30-12    Powers of corporation--Condemnation of real property.

49-30-13    Board of directors--Election--Terms of office--Director as stockholder.

49-30-14    Voting for directors--Filling vacancies.

49-30-15    Meeting for election of directors--Notice of meeting--Waiver of notice.

49-30-16    Rural telephone companies--Inability to procure majority of stockholders at meeting--Powers of stockholders attending--Binding effect of actions taken.

49-30-17    Notice to stockholders--Notice by mail.

49-30-18    Exhibition of corporate books and records.

49-30-19    Officers of corporation--Appointment by directors.

49-30-20    Subscriptions for capital stock.

49-30-21    Failure to pay for stock--Collection by directors--Forfeiture of previous payments.

49-30-22    Increasing capital stock--Two-thirds vote required--Notice of meeting--Effective date of increase.

49-30-23    Transfer of stock--Stock deemed personal property.

49-30-24    Liability of stockholders--Stock held by fiduciary or as collateral security.

49-30-25    Meetings by teleconference.