49-33-1    Incorporation of company--Articles of incorporation--Perpetual existence--Reinstatement of articles as amended.

49-33-2    Provisions applicable to gas companies.

49-33-3    Affidavit of incorporators--Contents--Filing with secretary of state--Fee of secretary.

49-33-4    Certificate of incorporation--Corporate name--Rights conferred by certificate.

49-33-5    Powers of corporation--Operation of business.

49-33-5.1    Powers of corporation--Business corporation powers.

49-33-6    Powers of corporation--Survey of proposed route--Entry upon property.

49-33-7    Powers of corporation--Buildings and accessory facilities--Contracts with municipalities.

49-33-8    Powers of corporation--Holding property.

49-33-9    Powers of corporation--Purchase of property--Disposition of unneeded property.

49-33-10    Powers of corporation--Right-of-way--Condemnation of land--Alteration of roadways--Expenses.

49-33-11    Powers of corporation--Connection with other facilities--Use of facilities--Accessory facilities.

49-33-12    Powers of corporation--Rules and regulations--Rates--Discrimination prohibited.

49-33-13    Powers of corporation--Extraterritorial powers.

49-33-14    Board of directors--Election and term of office--Voting for directors--Vacancies.

49-33-14.1    Bylaws--Adoption, amendment or repeal by board.

49-33-14.2    Annual and special meetings of stockholders--Quorum--Notice.

49-33-15    Director as stockholder--Minimum stock ownership.

49-33-16    49-33-16. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 396, § 5.

49-33-17    Officers of corporation.

49-33-18    Books and records--Exhibition to stockholders--Right to examine by certain stockholders.

49-33-19    Capital stock subscription.

49-33-20    Failure to pay for subscription--Collection by directors--Forfeiture of amounts previously paid.

49-33-21    Transfer of stock--Stock deemed personal property.

49-33-22    Increase in capital stock and amendment of articles of incorporation--Majority vote or greater required.

49-33-23    Issuance of preferred stock.

49-33-24    Series of preferred stock--Characteristics of stock--Dividends--Voting powers.

49-33-25    Certificate of issuance of preferred stock--Filing with secretary of state.

49-33-26    Increasing or decreasing preferred stock--Resolution of directors.

49-33-27    Liability of stockholders--Stock held by fiduciary or as collateral security.

49-33-28    Holding of stock in other corporations.

49-33-29    49-33-29. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 396, § 10.

49-33-30    Consolidation or merger with other corporations--Approval of plan.

49-33-31    Articles of incorporation requiring greater vote control.