49-34B-1    Definition of terms.

49-34B-2    49-34B-2. Repealed by SL 2018, ch 267, § 1.

49-34B-3    Pipeline safety inspection program created--Compliance program.

49-34B-4    Promulgation of safety standards--Considerations.

49-34B-5    Noncompliance--Hearing--Corrective action.

49-34B-6    Plan for inspection and maintenance of facility--Inadequate plan--Hearing--Revision.

49-34B-7    Required records and information--Inspection by employee or agent of commission.

49-34B-8    Programs for prevention of damage.

49-34B-9    Inspection fee for intrastate operators--Recovery of unreasonable fees--Pipeline safety account established.

49-34B-10    Calculating inspection fee for intrastate operators.

49-34B-11    Initial inspection fee for intrastate operators--Filing objection--Delinquency fee--Fees credited to pipeline safety account.

49-34B-12    Civil penalty for violations--Maximum penalties--Penalties credited to pipeline safety account--Interstate facilities exempt.

49-34B-13    Conduct in violation of federal act--Authority of commission to pursue remedies.

49-34B-14    Commission as agent of United States Department of Transportation in regulating interstate pipelines.

49-34B-15    Designation of commission's inspectors as federal agents.

49-34B-16    Inspection fee for interstate operators--Objections to fee--Fees deposited in pipeline safety account.

49-34B-17    Calculation of interstate operator's inspection fee.

49-34B-18    Initial inspection fee for interstate operators--Filing objections--Hearings--Delinquency fee.

49-34B-19    Promulgation of inspection and safety rules.

49-34B-20    Promulgation of rules for calculation, assessment, and collection of fees.

49-34B-21    Accident report available in judicial proceedings.

49-34B-22    Trade secrets information confidential.

49-34B-23    Acceptance of federal moneys.

49-34B-24    Waiver of compliance with standards--Reasons to be stated.

49-34B-25    Damaging or tampering with sign or line markers prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.

49-34B-26    Prohibition against disposing of, destroying or altering pipeline involved in emergency release--Violation as felony.

49-34B-27    Powers of commission in enforcement of chapter.