49-37-1    Usual corporate powers--Power to hold property in conduct of business--Authority to promote district.

49-37-2    Acquisition or operation of electric plants and systems inside or outside district--Singular or joint operations--Purpose.

49-37-3    49-37-3. Repealed by SL 1998, ch 276, § 26.

49-37-3.1    Criteria considered in development of power systems--Alternative sources--Board determination as to size of facility.

49-37-4    Contractual powers--Sale of electrical appliances or equipment prohibited.

49-37-4.1    Contract to designate party as agent for itself and district--Delegation of contractual powers to agent.

49-37-4.2    Validation of prior contracts providing for designation of agent.

49-37-4.3    Cooperation in generation and transmission facilities--Permissible terms of contract.

49-37-5    Duty to sell at wholesale to municipalities or other political subdivisions.

49-37-6    Joint action with other districts.

49-37-7    District as having no power to tax.

49-37-8    State and other political subdivisions not liable for district's obligations.

49-37-9    Duty to cause estimates before entering into contract--Joint projects excepted--Minimum number of bids.

49-37-9.1    Prior joint acts validated despite bid law noncompliance.

49-37-10    Competitive bidding requirements suspended during emergency.

49-37-11    Competitive bidding requirements suspended during war.

49-37-12    Private industry prohibited from owning assets of district--Consent of voters--Sale of individual items permitted.

49-37-13    Privilege tax levied against district.

49-37-14    Computation and payment of tax.

49-37-15    Taxes on districts qualifying as rural electric companies.

49-37-16    Charges for services--Discrimination prohibited.

49-37-17    Districts not within jurisdiction of Public Utilities Commission.

49-37-18    District as franchised to use streets of municipality for transmission lines.

49-37-19    Contracts with municipality for sale at wholesale--Authority of municipality.

49-37-20    Other contracts with municipalities--Authority of municipality.

49-37-21    Districts as works of internal improvement--Applicability of laws respecting internal improvements.

49-37-22    Just compensation for use of state waters--Amount of compensation.

49-37-23    Liability of district respecting use of water.

49-37-24    Investment of district funds--Regulations--Investment officer.

49-37-25    Indemnification of directors, officers, employees or agents.