49-41B-1    Legislative findings--Necessity to require permit for facility.

49-41B-1.1    49-41B-1.1. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 340, § 1.

49-41B-2    Definition of terms.

49-41B-2.1    Transmission facility defined.

49-41B-2.2    Modified facility defined.

49-41B-3    Ten-year plan required of utility planning to own or operate energy conversion facilities--Updating of plan--Contents.

49-41B-4    Permit required before construction of facility after certain date.

49-41B-4.1    Trans-state transmission facility--Permit and legislative approval required.

49-41B-4.2    Trans-state transmission line--Criteria required.

49-41B-4.3    Seasonal diversity exchange of electric power.

49-41B-4.4    Trans-state transmission facility--Eminent domain--Acquisition of fee in land contiguous to right-of-way--Divestiture of agricultural land.

49-41B-4.5    Foreclosure on nondivested agricultural land.

49-41B-4.6    Corporate ownership of agricultural land.

49-41B-4.7    Divestiture of less than fair market value not required.

49-41B-4.8    49-41B-4.8. Repealed by SL 1981, ch 343, § 5, as amended by SL 1983, ch 350, § 2.

49-41B-5    Notification of intent to apply for permit required before filing application--Time--Prefiling conference if applicant requests.

49-41B-5.1    Posting of signs on proposed site--Time for posting--Contents.

49-41B-5.2    Notification of area landowners by mail--Time for notification--Copy of application filed with county auditor.

49-41B-6    Designation of affected area by commission after notification of intent filed--Local review committee designated, composition.

49-41B-7    Assessment by local review committee--Factors included.

49-41B-8    Employment of personnel by committee--Expenses--Information furnished by commission.

49-41B-9    Financing of committee expenses.

49-41B-10    Final report of committee.

49-41B-11    Applications for permit--Filing deadline--Form--Contents.

49-41B-12    Deposit required--Disposition--Minimum and maximum fees--Environmental impact fee.

49-41B-13    Denial, return, or amendment of application--Grounds--Applicant permitted to make changes.

49-41B-14    Further data provided prior to hearings if required--Prehearing conference.

49-41B-15    Commission procedure following receipt of application for permit.

49-41B-16    Public input hearing--Location--Publication of notice.

49-41B-17    Parties to proceedings under chapter.

49-41B-17.1    County auditor as agent for service of process on party--Request for personal service.

49-41B-17.2    Contested case hearing.

49-41B-18    49-41B-18. Repealed by SL 1982, ch 332, § 2.

49-41B-19    Evidence from state or local agencies relative to environmental, social and economic conditions.

49-41B-19.1    Public comments on application.

49-41B-20    Final report heard by commission at final hearing--Decision on application--Adoption of committee's report.

49-41B-21    Environmental impact statement.

49-41B-22    Applicant's burden of proof.

49-41B-22.1    Reapplication for permit--Applicant's burden of proof--Environmental impact statement not required.

49-41B-22.2    Reapplication for permit--Discussion of commission as to applicant's burden of proof.

49-41B-22.3    Reapplication for permit--Deposits and fees required.

49-41B-23    Waiver of compliance with chapter on grounds of urgency, disaster, or civil disorder.

49-41B-24    Permit for energy conversion facilities, AC/DC conversion facilities, or transmission facilities--Complete findings by commission required within year of application.

49-41B-24.1    Extension of deadlines.

49-41B-25    Permit for wind or solar energy facility--Time for complete findings by commission--Notice of decision.

49-41B-25.1    Notice to commission of planned construction of certain wind energy projects.

49-41B-25.2    Wind energy facility to include aircraft detection lighting system.

49-41B-26    Accounting for expenditures of applicant's deposit--Refund of unused moneys.

49-41B-27    Construction, expansion, and improvement of facilities.

49-41B-28    Supersession of local land use controls by facility permit upon finding by commission.

49-41B-29    Transfer of permit--Commission approval--Rules.

49-41B-30    Circuit court review of commission decision by aggrieved party--Procedures.

49-41B-31    Order not stayed by appeal--Stay or suspension by court.

49-41B-32    Surety bond required if order stayed or suspended--Other security.

49-41B-33    Revocation or suspension of permit--Grounds.

49-41B-34    Violation of permit requirements as misdemeanor--Civil penalty--Continuing offense.

49-41B-35    Promulgation of rules.

49-41B-36    Authority to route or locate facilities not delegated to commission.

49-41B-37    Citation of chapter.

49-41B-38    Indemnity bond for damage to roads and bridges.

49-41B-39    Financial security for decommissioning of wind turbines or solar facilities.