49-7A-1    Definition of terms.

49-7A-2    Establishment of One-Call Notification Board--Responsibilities--State one-call fund--Continuous appropriation--One-call notification center--Services provided--Required membership and reporting.

49-7A-3    Governing board--Representation--Term of appointment.

49-7A-4    Rules--Operating procedures.

49-7A-5    Notification of proposed excavation.

49-7A-6    49-7A-6. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 211, § 4.

49-7A-6.1    Operator not to be billed when location of excavation on notice differs from location of operator's facility.

49-7A-7    Duties of one-call notification center.

49-7A-8    Location of underground facilities--Marking.

49-7A-9    Failure to provide timely location markings--Inadequate markings--Liability.

49-7A-10    Liability for damage to underground facility.

49-7A-11    49-7A-11. Repealed by SL 2002, ch 211, § 9.

49-7A-12    Notification of damage to underground facility--Repairs--Flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid.

49-7A-13    Inability to locate underground facility.

49-7A-14    Local permit requirements unaffected.

49-7A-15    Owners and operators of underground facilities required to register with one call notification system.

49-7A-16    49-7A-16. Repealed by SL 1997, ch 263, § 7.

49-7A-17    Complaints--Rules of Practice.

49-7A-18    Penalties.

49-7A-19    Penalties for intentional violations.

49-7A-20    Each violation as separate offense.

49-7A-21    Complaint and order prerequisites for penalty--Time limit.

49-7A-22    Panel to determine existence of probable cause for violation--Recommendation to board.

49-7A-23    Panel to forward complaint to respondent.

49-7A-24    Respondent to satisfy or answer complaint--Procedure.

49-7A-25    Complaint, answer to be sole basis for probable cause determination.

49-7A-26    Factors considered in determining amount of penalty.

49-7A-27    Board to accept panel's recommendation--Exception when party requests hearing--Conduct of hearing.

49-7A-28    Action to recover penalty.

49-7A-29    Record and evidence in court action.

49-7A-30    Board to maintain docket and index.

49-7A-31    Board to keep transcript of proceedings--Certification.

49-7A-32    Removal of board member for conflict of interest.

49-7A-33    Demand for penalty required before suit brought.

49-7A-34    Board action has presumption of validity.

49-7A-35    Annual report of board.