5-14-40Liability captive insurance company fund established.

There is hereby established in the state treasury the liability captive insurance company fund. The Bureau of Human Resources and Administration may enter into an agreement with a captive insurance company for the management of the company's funds. Money in this fund may be used to pay for liability coverage as well as administrative costs for this fund. Interest earned on money in the fund shall be deposited into the fund. Unexpended money and any interest that may be credited to the fund shall remain in the fund. Any money in the liability captive insurance company fund is continuously appropriated. Any money deposited into and distributed from the fund shall be set forth in an informational budget as described in § 4-7-7.2.

Source: SL 2015, ch 46, § 4, eff. Mar. 13, 2015; SL 2024, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 24-1), § 34, eff. Apr. 8, 2024.