5-15-24Governor's Grove.

A portion of the capitol grounds, as now exists and lies north of Church Street located in Hilger's Gulch shall be known as the Governor's Grove. The Governor's Grove shall, under the supervision of the Bureau of Human Resources and Administration, be properly landscaped and parked and shall contain a grove of hardy, long-lived trees, each one properly marked and maintained as a memorial grove to the past, present, and future Governors of South Dakota. A new tree, as an addition to such grove, shall be set out and properly dedicated on the first Arbor Day following the election of each Governor. This grove shall be maintained as an adjunct to the capitol grounds and shall be used for no other memorial purpose than as is provided for in this section. However, a gateway to the grove may be provided in which each county in the state shall be represented by a properly inscribed stone or marker.

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