5-18A-13Centralized public bid exchange created.

There is hereby created a centralized public bid exchange. The Bureau of Human Resources and Administration shall establish the exchange either within the bureau or within another public or private organization. The purpose of the exchange is to facilitate the publishing of official state and political subdivision bids to provide greater notice to bidders and to the state and its political subdivisions. The exchange shall maintain a list of all state bids and proposals and all bids and proposals provided by political subdivisions which participate in the exchange. The exchange shall set and charge each bidder, offeror, or political subdivision or both a fee for participation in the exchange to defray the cost of administering the exchange.

Source: SL 2010, ch 31, § 14; SL 2024, ch 1 (Ex. Ord. 24-1), § 34, eff. Apr. 8, 2024.