5-18B-1    Plans and specifications--Advertisement--Availability.

5-18B-2    Certified check or cashier's check for percentage of bid or bid bond required.

5-18B-3    Check or bid bond requirement--Waiver.

5-18B-4    Surety bond or insurance contract required in bid, in contract, or by law.

5-18B-5    Negotiations if lowest responsive and responsible bid exceeds final estimated project cost.

5-18B-6    Certification regarding labor provided by nonresident subcontractors.

5-18B-7    Contractor's use tax liability.

5-18B-8    Forfeited funds accrue to funds provided for construction.

5-18B-9    Time limits--Return of checks--Return or destruction of bid bonds.

5-18B-10    Plans and specifications prepared by architect or engineer.

5-18B-11    Progress payments--Retention of funds from final payment--Interest.

5-18B-12    Bond or deposit of securities in lieu of retention of sums due for work performed.

5-18B-13    Occupancy before completion and acceptance.

5-18B-14    Project superintendent--Installment payments--Final payment.

5-18B-15    Architect or engineer may not be contractor or construction manager on project exceeding one hundred thousand dollars--Exemption.

5-18B-16    Unemployment compensation.

5-18B-17    Contractor's excise tax license.

5-18B-18    Contributions and interest due the Department of Labor and Regulation.

5-18B-19    Amendment or change order to existing contract.

5-18B-20    Design-build contracts.

5-18B-21    Design-builder to be authorized.

5-18B-22    Subletting of design services.

5-18B-23    Subletting construction or other services.

5-18B-24    Contracts with unlicensed or unqualified design-builder permitted if services sublet to licensed or qualified person.

5-18B-25    Request for proposals to contain performance criteria--Qualifications of developer.

5-18B-26    Performance criteria developer and design builder to perform separate roles.

5-18B-27    Performance criteria developer to be purchasing agency employee or engaged in accordance with statutorial procedures--Delegation.

5-18B-28    Development of performance criteria.

5-18B-29    Elements of design-build request for proposals--Time for mailing to pre-qualified design-builders.

5-18B-30     Design-build request not to be detailed--Drawings--Specifications--Standards.

5-18B-31    Pre-qualification of design-builders--Elements of request for qualifications.

5-18B-32    Deposit or bond submitted with proposal--Forfeiture.

5-18B-33    Proposals to be sealed--Contents.

5-18B-34    Confidentiality of proposals.

5-18B-35    Review and opinion of performance criteria developer--Submission to governing body.

5-18B-36    Acceptance of a proposal--Evaluation criteria scores.

5-18B-37    Rejection of design-build proposals--Solicitation of new proposals.

5-18B-38    Withdrawal of design-build proposal.

5-18B-39    Construction manager engagement.

5-18B-40    Services of construction manager.

5-18B-41    Manager-agent.

5-18B-42    Manager-at-risk.

5-18B-43    Criteria for construction manager engagement.

5-18B-44    Criteria for construction manager-at-risk engagement.

5-18B-45    Active involvement of licensed design professional required.

5-18B-46    Improvement projects that rely on federal funding from FAA.