5-2-1    Acquisition of options for additional lands for institutions.

5-2-2    5-2-2. Repealed by SL 1984, ch 34, § 4.

5-2-2.1    Sale of realty by Board of Regents--Deposit, crediting, and investment of proceeds.

5-2-2.2    Minimum cash price--Method of sale--Time, notice, and conduct of auction--Conveyance.

5-2-2.3    Use of proceeds and interest from sale.

5-2-2.4    Lease of land by executive branch--Period of lease--Renewal--Amount.

5-2-3    Exchange of state lands for federal lands in Indian reservations--Advertising and appraisement not required.

5-2-4    State ownership of lake and river beds declared--Riparian owners protected.

5-2-5    Contracts permitting taking of sand and gravel from state-owned lake and river beds--Exclusive privilege prohibited.

5-2-6    Proceeds of sand and gravel contracts--Payment--Deposit.

5-2-7    Rules and conditions governing sand and gravel contracts.

5-2-8    Unauthorized taking of materials from lake or river beds as misdemeanor.

5-2-9    Enforcement of state's right to materials from lake and river beds.

5-2-10    Public easements over state and county lands for conservation and parks--Grant of easements for electric, water, sewer, and fuel lines--Air rights.

5-2-11    Application for conveyance or easement on state-owned lands--Approval by Governor--Recording--Disposition of payments.

5-2-11.1    Abandoned railroads on state property--Documentation by affidavit of commissioner.

5-2-11.2    Recording of affidavit.

5-2-11.3    Previously recorded affidavits validated.

5-2-12    Mineral reservation in leases and conveyances of state land.

5-2-13    Disposition of proceeds from sale or lease of reserved minerals.

5-2-14    Conveyance or exchange of reserved minerals with United States--Appraisal.

5-2-15    Assignment to inferior lien holders of mortgages and sheriffs' certificates held by state--School fund mortgages.

5-2-16    Assignment by county commissioners of sheriffs' certificates in school loan mortgages.

5-2-17    Land sales within federal irrigation projects to conform to federal limitations.

5-2-18    Relocation benefits and assistance in acquisition of property--Compliance with federal act.

5-2-19    Review process of property given to state.

5-2-20    Transfer of state's interest in Camp Lakodia to 4-H Foundation.